Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines

You are joking? What if I want to make animation using R6 and R15 on my channel YT? I hate Rthro, because it looks like it’s NOT Roblox.

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Roblox, your company name is “Roblox”, and I believe you know the meaning of it. You are straying away from your own brand name, and the way people know this game.


it’s just have been stated, you can do that, it’s just that you can’t make it a “Real product” like a toy and etc. this is just a speculation. a mere speculation


Roblox even playing non-event “zombie zone” ads.

This update does not apply to YouTube channels or other social media, however, the use of Roblox itself is considered impersonation and is not allowed

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The R6 and R15 are unique to know if its Roblox, if we change to Rthro, many people won´t know if it´s Roblox or not.

And I hate this update. What about you?


Hey Developers, we listened to the questions you asked on this post and created an FAQ around some of the recurring themes to help add additional clarity. Please see the original post.


Myself & many other developers in the community have outlined many issues with this direction in this feedback post. Can we get some sort of dialogue going regarding this post? I am extremely frustrated by this and the post has only gotten radio-silence so far.


While I do agree that using “Roblox” in names of experiences and putting the Roblox logo anywhere might be misleading, disallowing usage of “Blox” is literally 1984 + doesn’t make sense at all.


Nobody even knew about the developer stars program.


Off-platform, ok, I can see why that might be useful, when games become brands and expand, Twitter has similar restrictions on tags. But, to not even allow “blox” in any experience name, I can’t think of any reasonable explanation for why that’s needed.

It’s embedded in the history of Roblox, since, practically, there has been Roblox.

  • Welcome to the Town of Robloxia
  • Bloxburg
  • The Roblox Games
  • Chess: Roblox Edition
  • Tom’s Roblox Fan Club
  • Bloxy Cola

I’m not sure if it’s a direct reaction to something, but, if it is, I think something much less restrictive could easily be done - e.g., adding a new icon to signify an experience is endorsed/official/promoted (and moderating images imitating it), or filtering “official” and “Roblox” being used in the same title.

When games could be sponsored, there was a similarly distinct label, so it clearly can be done without going as far, the same for some models. There are also ways to highlight content as being the only official version/source, like the sidebar or a larger header section on Discover.


So now we can’t use R15 nor R6, but we can use R5 and R16 and RTHRO?


since the dawn of roblox people have been using “blox” and “ro” to make clever game names that are a play on the platform’s own name. and you can see the same thing with minecraft and the way people use “craft” in their mods, texture packs, etc. this is literally only a positive thing and it baffles me that you are trying to restrict this


This seems like a huge waste of time as I RARELY see anyone using rthro on any game. It’s ugly and does not fit on this platform. Almost all of even the most popular games are built upon the classic, blocky look of roblox and rthro sticks out like a sore thumb. r6 and r15 are an iconic staple of this platform and it’s ridiculous that roblox doesn’t want them being used in marketing.


I think it’s safe to say that 99.99% of developers (and a majority of users too) completely disagree with this conversion from “classic” avatars to rthro, a rig type nobody even uses.

To advertise your platform in this way surely isn’t appealing to anybody other than those under the age of five.


You cannot trademark domain names similar to your own.

So it is legal to buy bloxykart.com when Bloxy Kart blows up?

Any more info on this? I’ve not heard about it before.

I fully agree with you. This is a bad Roblox update.

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When will the Community Usage Guidelines be updated with the new logo?