Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines

One of the head managers for the Roblox Toy Brand released a tweet saying he’d be willing to work with any Roblox Developer to keep making new toys with them, thankfully. I know wasn’t the main part of your post just wanted to share.


Im aware of that. The issue isn’t roblox’s stock doing poorly. I’m trying to relay the fact that roblox is making the goofiest dookiest decisions imaginable.

You underpay developers, your moderation falsely bans innocent people and takes far too long to ban bad actors, you’re destroying our public repositories for all developers, and now you’re limiting our advertisement off-platform to Rthro and vague “heavily customized R15”. And you’re not letting us use Roblox or anything similar on-platform. Do you want your developers to leave? How are you empowering us when it feels more like you’re throttling us?


Based on the wording / phrasing of this update:

  • If your experience uses R15 / R6 (Classic Avatars) you can no longer make trailers or teasers for your experience that features characters from said experience even on the Youtube platform.
    As this counts as advertisement and or film.

  • If your experience uses Classic Avatars you can not show gameplay of your game
    in your trailers or advertisements as they utilize the Classic Avatars.

  • If your experience uses Classic Avatars you are disallowed from selling accurate
    representations of your characters as physical products.

  • If your Experience has “Blox” in the name (made prior to June 23rd) you can no longer
    advertise your game as it has the word “Blox” in it.

  • If your Experience has “Blox” in the name you are no longer able to sell products of your experience unless you change the name of your experience.

  • If you are able to advertise your Experience, you are unable to tell users where they can
    play it. As only Stars Influencers (Video Creators) and specific partners are allowed to
    utilize Roblox and their logo in their advertisement.

With the wording / phrasing of this update it has only limited usage of the classic packages further as well as discouraging users from trying to be brand friendly, while also discouraging them from developing classic experiences.

If I’m wrong about this and read this wrong, you can let me know. But this is essentially what I’ve come to understand from this.


Pretty sure that’s not the case

This means you should be in the clear for YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Also it would be 100% illogical if Roblox didn’t want YouTubers to make videos about games on their platform.

Also there’s a clarification post an admin made here


I’m pretty sure they’re only talking about stuff like Twitter posts that make no money, whetever monetized Youtube videos are affected by these rules or not are still unconfirmed.

After seeing all the stuff they did with Ruben and PMG, that advice is highly questionable now and sounds more like guessing tbh.

I don’t think people in the Youtuber Stars Program will be affected by this however, but it’s better to wait and see what Roblox says about this instead tbh.


Whelp, there goes the ability to get rare items like the Red Valk, and all those toys and toy codes. Better start snatching all of those up now, so you can start scalping them because people really want those rare chaser items.

Seriously, did Roblox just not realize the impact on toy sales and business partnerships this can have?


You guys seriously overdid it with this, yet again. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.


Roblox is beating a dead horse with that R6 and R15 Rule… And I’m slowly but surely getting sick of Rthro being pushed down our throats! I HAD ENOUGH OF IT.


I think its ironic that Roblox wants us to focus on and use Rthro and only Rthro (and/or anything
not related to the “Classic Form”) while making trailers/teasers for anything Roblox related and similar stuff, when R6 and R15 characters are arguably MORE customizable and expressive than any of the non-usermade Rthro packages.


They just love to destroy the community for “Investors Sakes”, even when Investors outcry about the lack of interaction with the community.


Another W for Roblox. Great job Roblox you truly have grown over the past decades! Don’t listen to the critics over here complaining about the fanbase tho!

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Is this going to happen like when Roblox was sued for deceptive marketing

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Ok,show me then…

So you want me to use, this,Fine.

Oh no…So classic avatars arent allowed comercially anymore? It´s sad…

By the way,What do you mean of heavily customized r15 avatars without apparant classic form?


I’m pretty sure they mean you can use something like this:


But not something like this:


The classic avatars are loved by everyone for a good reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s an in-house style, it doesn’t matter if it looks “outdated” or “minecraft-like”, nobody is going to bother with any of the new things that have been released. You need to embrace what made your platform so great in the first place, and ironically, it happens to be the most unique aspect of Roblox, next to its games and creation tools. By doing this, you’re not only hurting yourself, but you’re making yourselves look just as unimaginative as any other big company out there.

You have to realize at this point: realism is not the future of everything, and neither is splitting edge graphics. Just because one company does it doesn’t mean you should too. You’ve created such a unique community that pours all their heart and soul into making something that they truly care about. Worlds, themes, stories, all based around a type of aspect that references Roblox. People can choose to make something completely different while still existing as a game on this platform, but they’re not the only ones here that share completely new ideas;

You’ve lead a generation of kids, teens- maybe even adults to express their wackiest creations on this one platform alone. You’ve made a world that houses a utopia-like community that creates worlds based on this world alone. Things of the past shouldn’t be discarded so quickly, and it’s completely okay to keep it! I’ve seen so many talented games that base themselves off of Roblox as if it were a massive universe, because we’ve come to love this platform so much, even to this day.

So please, I’m hoping that this gets reconsidered. Not just for everyone here, but also for those who’ve worked on this platform, and the platform as a whole. Forcing rebranding on everything that isn’t rthro simply isn’t the solutuion, and you can clearly see that by the sheer amount of games that relate heavily to ROBLOX itself.


This is an absolute joke. Roblox, when will you realise that nobody cares about Rthro. Yet you push it to hell and beyond thinking it’s gonna get this platform somewhere (it’s not). Any Roblox-outsider will recognise the R6/R15 avatars more than anything. Rthro is not the future of Roblox, and never will be.

You wonder why everyone inside/outside of this community sees you as a joke, and this should be a huge wakeup call as to why.


What did they think we were going to respond to this with??

This was clearly a rushed idea. As the average blocky R6 enjoyer, I think this just completely hides Roblox from itself. Calling “old” avatars classic doesn’t even make sense either. Rthro and layered clothing are never going to get close to old packages and clothing. It may look like it in recent months, but its only because there’s more free layered clothing than normal clothing being pushed out.

What I’m trying to say is; “Classic” is still the norm in Roblox. When a new player joins Roblox, they immediately find out that nobody uses Rthro, layered clothing doesn’t look good, people wear normal avatars, whether that’s blocky or 2.0. They are attracting the wrong audience and it’s gonna end up killing this platform.

To those of you who may say that there are “some people who use and enjoy Rthro” well good for them, but it’s not worth covering the rest of us. In games, do you think someone’s good at it if they are a default Rthro avatar, or a “classic noob” skin? Rthro’s been the comedy relief of Roblox for years, and it’s getting them nowhere.


UNTRUE,Rthro is the future of Roblox and it will be.


This is the most absurd thing I have seen a internet company do, block the name of there own brand from there site.
This is also not a good look, creativity should be the freedom of creating and naming your creation anyway you want (with the exception of being appropriate to viewers), this makes you come off controlling of the freedom of your players, I mean we already partly lost freedom of speech in some ways with overbearing moderation, filtering ridiculous and harmless sentences, and now this? Ban your brand name? Do you realize how silly you sound right now? I feel like this isn’t the full/real story again (looking back at the first announcement of the audio update, should have just came out with the real reason to begin with and we would have understood).
Platforms that try to step in to far typically always fall, watch your step roblox, if I’m still aloud to say your name, quit trying to dictate your agenda’s on people with a avatar that people don’t want, after all, people don’t have to play roblox, they will go where they have more freedom to express there self’s, rthro and the blocking of the brand name is the total opposite of what you preached in the past, expressing yourself.
What would the original founder of roblox, Erik, think of what is happening today? What would he say. As a guess,
“wow, look at all the great things you did… but wait, looks like you made a fool of your self at the same time, perhaps you let money and your own agenda’s take more priority then the happiness of the players? What a shame…”