Updated workflow when modified Package blocks Place publish

Hello Developers,

If you use Packages, you’ve likely run into this dialog:

One common case is lack of permissions to the package that was modified locally. We are working on improving this workflow. One of the updates we have for you today is providing additional details around the actual list of packages that have been modified, permission status and owner information (if you need to request access).

no access (TC)

unpublished changes + use & view (TC or non-TC)

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any feedback. We are considering adding publish / undo actions right in-line in this dialog. If you have any comments on that please let me know.



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This is definitely a step in the right direction!

A publish all package button would be amazing to have.


Great update! I’ve personally not used packages much, but it would be nice for a “Publish Without Updating Packages” button that basically stops updating for those packages and only keeps them that way in that specific place.


This is the first time I feel like engineers have been responsive to my communications. I believe this post was influenced by my reply a week ago. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/poll-for-those-of-you-that-use-packages-managing-package-versions-in-a-place/866775/2?u=fluffmiceter

I am very happy to hear that this issue of workflow will be addressed soon. That was my main issue preventing me from using packages. Thank you!


Thanks, @CAP7A1N. We are evaluating options on the best way to enable easy publish / undo.


Hi @Fluffmiceter - we really appreciate the feedback!


My problem is I will open a script in a package, change something, change it back to the original, then try to publish and it will give me this error even though nothing has actually changed.


I love this, and it will greatly improve the workflow of users who heavily rely on packages. Can you please loosen up the permissions like you’re doing with Team Create, where if it’s a group package I can also allow individual users to view, edit etc?


Great, but are these issues going to be resolved any time soon?

The 1st and 3rd issue are my biggest problem. I’m still unable to publish “unchanged changes” to packages despite there not being any change, and even when I attempt to “undo changes” this behaviour persists. The duplication issue happens occasionally to me, but I never notice it immediately.
It was said that the fixes for these issues were expected by the end of the year, do you know if they’re in the works or ready for a later release?

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Awesome! Really cool change, was having a lot of issues with this


This seems to be related to automatic properties, things like Attachment.WorldOrientation.
What I do before it happens:

  • Have a package in the game, rotated at some angle, compared to other usages.
  • Change something inside the package
  • Decide I’m unhappy with the changes, and click “Undo changes to package”
  • The package is now stuck in a permanent “unpublished with changes” state, presumably caused by the updated automatic properties. The only way out is publishing the package again, even though no actual changes were made.

@MrLonely1221 - once you change it back to original, are you able to undo changes to package? That should ensure you don’t get an error during publish.

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Hi @Vexitory - for now you’ll have to give your collaborators access to the group package. We are working on improvement permission model for Packages in the future.

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Hi @General_Scripter, I have good news on #3 as it’s fixed and in Production. #1 is on our list of improvements for the future and needs some foundational work which is in progress.


As I said in my own reply, the package will get stuck in an infinite “unpublished changes” state, after clicking “undo changes to package”

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Thanks for reporting this, @Dionysusnu. @billlipeng - can you repro this?

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Basically what would happen was, I’ll have a module script as a package, when I change something within the code of the module script, or one of the child modules, then either discard the draft, or undo it with Ctrl + Z, it will say the package needs to be published again before I could publish my place.

I haven’t tested this yet since this update (going to go test it right after this message is posted), I was just saying what happened to me before when I would have this happen.

TL;DR; No changes made to code or module names, but the package doesn’t recognize it, it only recognizes that something was changed, but doesn’t check that it is back to the condition it was in before it was changed.

EDIT: Just tested this in studio and it no longer is a problem. If I change something in a script and undo it or discard the draft, it doesn’t change the package requiring it to be published again.

What do you change, con you provide some details? Thanks!

The only thing I sometimes need to do to trigger this is simply rotate the model. This happens when just dragging it, if the model snaps to a differently orientated surface. I say “sometimes” because it does not always trigger this bug, but there have been cases in which that was the only thing I did to trigger it.