Updates to Item Holding Periods [Marketplace]

Hi All,

We have heard from a lot of you regarding potential changes to our holding periods. Based on community feedback and our internal data, we will be making changes to our holding periods for Marketplace items on July 20.

UGC Limiteds

  • Up to a 30 day holding period after the original sale (no change).
  • Up to a 7 day holding period on all subsequent resales (down from 30 days).


  • Up to a 2 day holding period when an item is traded (originally no holding period).
  • Up to a 7 day holding period when an item is resold (originally no holding period).

Any existing holding periods prior to these changes will be unaffected.

We appreciate every bit of feedback you have provided as we continue to work to ensure all accounts at Roblox are safe and secure. These changes help by minimizing disruption to our economy in the event of an account being compromised.

Thank you.


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Yes. We asked for the collectible holding periods to be reduced. But, who asked for trading to be ruined changed?

This is terrible. What if the item’s value goes drastically down after the week? I don’t think that’s a fair purchase. Nobody asked for this.

Not as bad, unless it is. The same thing could happen. What inspired this change? Was it hackers, scammers, or mistakes traders can make? I’d like to know! Thanks.


This is a sign this change probably won’t be reverted.

It’s a good point. It’s too good of a point… It’s the audio update but for trading. :sob:

(edit 2):

It wasn’t reverted. Congratulations. I get that this is mainly for security improvements, but come on, read the replies already!

You wanted community feedback? Here you go:


trading is cooked

plz dont do 2 day holds for every trade


hey, uh, I was just wondering: is this an out-of-season April Fool’s joke?


Can Roblox just change the update with Average Price ( Recent Average Price ) holding period for example if the Limited Item Average Price is below 25,000 RAP it should having no Holding Period?


I’m glad to see steps are taken to improve overall platform safety, as these holding periods help the recovery of stolen tradable items :muscle:


Its impossible to start trading bc of this change :sob: nice.


Who asked for this? At this point you guys are making up stuff, there was no “community feedback” saying anyone wanted holding periods on trading


This change is actually horrible. The holding period from UGC Limited resales going down is great, but rarely people use that side of Limiteds. Roblox Limited trading is meant to be fast paced and exciting. The 2 day holding period for trades will seriously ruin the trading community and Roblox premium sales will definetly drop. Additionally, the reselling holding period is fine, but should be reduced to the maximum of 2 days. Yes these changes will improve the safety, but will definetly kill a community and a big mechanic on the Roblox platform, which was introduced in 2012.

EDIT: Best solution is to add this as a setting behind 2fa so the people who would like to have it enabled, would have it and the users who don’t, wont have to have it.


Roblox 2023 succesfully destroyed Limiteds Economy

  1. Phase of Destruction: Allow UGC Limiteds on daily basis while not being able to moderate them
  2. Phase of Destruction: Cancelling making Offsales Limited because of UGC
  3. Phase of Destruction: Add Holding periods to Trading
  4. and Last Phase of Destruction: Enable UGC Rights for everyone

I don’t see how trading holding periods are bad changes. I personally don’t trade but, people nowadays don’t have a clear knowledge of cybersecurity (and you know exactly what I’m going to say with this).

Honestly good idea. I think focusing on safety is way more important than trading nonstop.


Destroyed a functional system working for 10+ years.

Revert this! One of the worst or the worst change this year.


I think that a holding period in a number of hours is justifiable. But 2-7 days is a very out of touch update that will probably harm the trading community and in turn drive down premium sales/robux sales.


Overall this will decrease people who break the guidelines, and unfortunately, hamper the trading culture.

I don’t think it’s a bad decision though, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.


Roblox I get that you are trying to give people more reasons to buy UGC limiteds by undermining the classic limited trading system but please don’t do this.

The system has been around since 2012 and was added due to high demand and people wishing to trade limiteds, all this change intends to do is kill off a community on you’re platform who you have already undermined for years.

Roblox trading being fast paced is what makes it enjoyable, and as a formerly very active trader I can confirm this, trading with demand items especially benefits heavily from being fast-paced allowing users to quickly trade for and trade off sought after items for a small turnaround is vital to the modern trading system.

There is no issue with the system itself. Please rethink this decision and stop ignoring the people on this site who have dedicated years of their life to trading, literally no active trader asked for or wants this update.

This will heavily impact the trading community considering what people have gotten used to and will likely lead to a lot of people who currently trade quitting the platform or at the very least the trading scene as multiple contacts of mine who are still active in the community have began to do, please work on making trading on roblox a more seamless and pleasurable experience not make it more inconvenient.

As it seems to stand right now though I’m assuming these requests won’t be listened to and therefore here are my prayers to the trading system and the community that has been keeping it alive for the past decade :pray::pensive:.


Trading is done, if holder period gets any longer trading would die and some limiteds might even drop a ton of RAP.


I genuinely can’t believe that a blanket 2-day holding period for all trades has been implemented. Is there some sort of exception?

This 2-day holding period would genuinely damage so many people’s experience with trading. This change is going to disproportionately affect those with less collectibles - often positively correlated with those that are newer players - than those with more collectibles, and it’s going to disincentivize individuals to commit to trading (especially newer players, due to stated above) because 48 hours is just way too much of a window to be waiting with.

Often, smaller items are much quicker in circulation than larger valued items, and the interval by which you’re able to build RAP is smaller. This feels somewhat bareable if you trade with mainly large items, but for anyone that wants to get into trading, this is just a smack in the face, and the barriers to entry have just skyrocketed. Additionally:

  • People may be more likely to resort to using black market services in order to obtain items (the same 2-day period is held for regular trades, with no attempt to discriminate between them), or even move to third-party gambling sites like flip.

EDIT: This holding period absolutely KILLED rbx flip. This is definitely a massive merit of the holding period update, and is one of the reasons I don’t hate this update fully. Safety is a concern when looking at the associated culture of players that trade (rbx flip) and this is clearly being upheld. I’m so glad something great came out of this at least.

  • Progression in trading becomes so much more difficult. Completing regular trades such as a 4:1 (4 items for 1) will be so much more uncommon if as all four of those items must be past the holding period. I got to ~70k in a single month of premium from scratch. This just wouldn’t be possible now.

  • As many have mentioned, trading has always been a volatile environment (long-term, ie booms during christmas/halloween, or short-term, where some specific items become hyped). This blanket, indiscriminate 2-day holding period placed on a fast-acting, dynamic system is so damaging.

I will ALWAYS stand for safety as a priority, but the cost-benefit analysis here is overwhelmingly for the removal of this change. I wonder why this was implemented, yet we STILL can’t put more than four items in a single trade (prevents common excuse for DT scam, basically eliminates need for MMs and mass upg/dg in multiple trades).

I do want to mention that I do think this 2-day holding period is a good idea but only if there are specific conditions which grant this to occur, such as there being a potentially significant RAP or value difference in the trade itself (could be indicative of black market trades - might justify such a holding period, but again, there are flaws to this. It’s indiscriminate. What if I’m trading rares?).

I am going to assume that this 2-day holding period was done without the proper consideration in mind about how this may potentially affect those who often trade actively. While I think safety is extremely important, I do not think this is a just compromise to uphold safety upon.

I am not as pessimistic as I may sound though. The OP clearly stated “up to 2 days”, so it may not be the average holding time for regular trades. I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for me to be happy with this change, even if the average waiting time is as low as 10 hours.


This stinks i’;m crying as i’m playing genshin rn


I don’t think you get the point, yes this will increase security in the system but at the same time it will kill trading. It’s meant to be fast paced to get profits when Item “values” change very frequently.