Updates to the Roblox Terms of Use [May 2024]

Hi everyone,

On June 12, we will update our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The changes are to support new products that foster safety, engagement, and growth on the platform. Similar to our recent Terms of Use announcement, our goal is to provide transparency about what product changes are coming and what it means for you.

Here is a high-level summary of the changes; please take some time to review and familiarize yourself with these updates.

The following will go into effect on June 12, 2024:

1. User Terms

  • Clarifying our rights to use User-created content published on Roblox for training purposes. This includes, for example, training of machine learning models to improve internal systems, such as for safety and moderation, and search and discovery.

  • Clarifying that Creators can create, establish, and implement their own Experience Rules. Creators are also allowed to moderate their own experiences according to those rules, as long as they abide by Roblox Community Standards and our guidance on usage of the API, which includes requirements for Creators to provide clear advance notice of their rules.

2. Creator Terms

  • Adding language regarding the use of our family of Builder fonts.

  • Clarifying that our rights to use UGC published on Roblox include training of machine learning models. Creators will have the ability to control their data sharing preferences in Creator Hub Settings for what assets will be used, such as for experiences, paid Creator Store assets, avatar and avatar items. We will use UGC content, for example, to train our generative AI tools as well as internal systems, such as for safety and moderation, and search and discovery. We will share more details in a few weeks.

  • Clarifying language in the Creator Terms about Roblox’s data use. Roblox’s Privacy Policy is changing, but Creator obligations are not impacted by this change. The summary of changes to the Privacy Policy is below.

  • Clarifying that Roblox may take action against Creators that violate the Roblox Terms of Use when implementing Experience Rules. For example, if Experience Rules violate our Community Standards.

3. Privacy Policy

  • Adding language to clarify the basis for voice recording for safety and for improving our services and tools.

  • Adding information about Roblox’s upcoming changes to its advertising practices, including the choices, such as opt-out rights, that will be available to Users when their personal information is disclosed for different types of advertising. We don’t expect these changes to our advertising practices to come until later in 2024 and when they do take effect, Roblox Users will be notified, provided information about the options available regarding Roblox’s advertising practices, and given choices.

As part of our roadmap, we will release an API that will allow you to ban Users and their identified alternate accounts from your experiences according to Experience Rules that you set. This is planned to roll out in the next few months. We’ve updated the Terms of Service to reflect the guidelines governing these new Experience Rules. We will share more details in a few weeks.

Please review the updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a reminder, if you are a minor, your parent/guardian will need to agree to the updated Terms of Use for you to continue using Roblox.

We value your input and partnership as we strive to maintain a safe and secure platform.

Thank you.


How can I update my personal data on Roblox today?

  • If you want to exercise rights over your data, such as accessing or deleting your personal information, please reach out to Support.

How will you use UGC content for machine learning and model training purposes?

  • We will use UGC content, for example, to train our generative AI tools as well as internal systems, such as for safety and moderation, and search and discovery. Creators will have the ability to control their data sharing preferences for what assets will be used, such as for experiences, paid Creator Store assets, avatar and avatar items. We will share more details in a few weeks.

Do you sell or share Users’ personal information?

  • In 2024, we will offer our Users the option of receiving personalized advertising, and if they choose, we will begin disclosing certain personal information to advertising partners to provide a more personalized advertising experience.

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I really hope being included in AI training sets remains an “Opt-in”, and not an “Opt-out”. I don’t want my work contributing to the AI war machine lol


This is still crazy. Is anybody even reading feature requests?

This new policy is incredibly invasive and I will never think data selling nor sharing is even remotely ok. Something needs to be done about this.

Instead of giving US residents access to DSA rights, like we all want, we get this slap in the face instead. Cool.


Good freaking god I’m so tired of every corporation in existence trying to use user generated content for feeding an AI model. Finding a website that doesn’t want to profit of your creations while yielding nothing in return is a unicorn these days.


Roblox is like every huge company:
Selling others data for money!

I don’t mind because every company does this, but please let people opt-out for AI creations.

I like for my work not to be taken for AI-use.



What are “contact identifiers”? And is that all that is shared with third parties, or is there more?


I’m happy that the AI use was clarified to refer to moderation and safety uses, and I’m happy that further uses now have data sharing preferences codified in the legal text.


It says that you will have data sharing preferences directly in the terms of use that you’re replying to.


What section would a request to be exempt from this policy be filed under? Would it be Data Privacy Requests->Other Privacy Requests?


nice to see the most important thing here being buried as a mere footnote in the post, great decision


This looks opt in. Given that Roblox is processing child data, it would be a legal hellstorm if they were doing something more nefarious.

Is your opposition that people shouldn’t be given the choice at all, even if they’re of age?


my opposition is that something that should really be disclosed at the top of the post (due to how important it is) is, for some reason, at the bottom, where most people would’ve already skimmed over.


I’m confused. What does this change exactly? Roblox can’t hide it if they have to present you with the option physically when it rolls out, which is what they are codifying into their own terms of use here.


we should be able to know clearly what they plan to do with our data even before they roll it out, as I’d (hope) most people do, my qualms is the fact that its buried right at the literal last sentence, in a Q&A section, without even mentioning it (in detail) in their bullet points. A mere formatting change would settle this but it almost seems deliberate how it was typed out.

you’re forgetting how they force you to “agree” to the privacy policies every time they update it, hopefully they changed their approach when they roll this out so they don’t end up in a legal hellhole.


This is incredibly presumptuous of the authors’ intentions. Whatever the case, you will literally hear more about this at a later date. You have to because you have to opt in to this. If I am wrong about this, you bet that I will be up in arms about it as much as you seem to be, but I simply do not see what you are seeing right now.

To do it any other way than informed consent opt-in would be highly illegal and constitute the mishandling of underage users’ data. I am not a lawyer, but I’m also pretty sure about this one.


I noticed that it says “as well as” and lists moderation as an example. They state that they will be using it for “generative AI tools,” and “tools” are typically not internal.


That doesn’t nullify the prior statement at all. That’s just listing examples of what data is generally being used for there.


I just find this a bit deceptive, they only listed this the second time it was mentioned. They have existing tools, like the material generator, that our assets might be automatically opted into for training. This is a bit frustrating if true.


That’s something I can’t speak to. Nobody can because I can’t predict the future. Know that as someone who is very incredibly protective of their IP rights, that I will be first on the phone to Roblox HQ if they try and slip something underhanded. I personally opt out all of my non-open-source creations completely, and intend for it to stay that way into the future. I don’t like the mass theft of training data that’s happened in the wider AI field either.

But all of this outrage seems too early. Nothing of interest has happened here.