Uploading 4K images

I want to add an optional setting to my game that makes the animals use 4K textures instead of 1024x1024 textures. As far as I know 1024x1024 is the limit.


4096x4096 (referencing a local file)


4096x4096 (referencing local file)

I could achieve this with clever uv map cropping, but some pieces are long and narrow, requiring unnecessary texture work.


As long as you use lower texture resolution for lower graphics settings, this could work wonderfully.


I think this would be good to have alongside this one. Wouldn’t want your game to be grey for extended periods of time due to slow load times.

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Why do we even have to worry about a resolution limit? Shouldn’t it be based on a file size limit? Not to mention that a high quality JPEG that is 2000 x 2000 pixels (image used) exported from Paint is 715.3 KB compared to a 3.8 MB PNG. I can actually get to 2500x2500 and just get to 1 MB from Paint.


I was wondering, do you make your textures yourself? I find them really well done

It’s also about rendering performance I think but there won’t be a huge performance impact.

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The only potential problem is with games with a feature like custom houses that allow players to add picture frames with their own decals. An API for getting an image’s resolution would be useful in that case.

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Perhaps they can add a way to get lower-res versions of a image directly from the site.


I’m working on adding new dragons to my game, and I want people with high-end devices to be able to enable 4k/8k textures via my settings menu if their device can handle it. Cutting uv maps into multiple 1024x1024 pieces can achieve this, but it requires more texture memory than simply using 1 high res map, and is a complete waste of time! :disappointed: