Uploading images through the asset manager frequently breaks altogether

For the past few weeks I have been consistently running into errors while uploading images through the asset manager. Sometimes trying again works, but other times every single consecutive upload fails. When I upload the images, I get errors as shown in the image below.


The output always shows the following error:

Upload Image failed. Status Code: 500 (x2)

Today I have been unable to upload assets altogether. Uploading images through create.roblox.com still works however, so the problem seems to lie within the asset manager. This problem seems to be an ongoing issue, with a similar problem having been reported a few weeks ago. I have personally been having issues with image uploads for about a month or two now if I had to guess.

Expected behavior

I expect my assets to upload without error.


I’ve had this issue a few times here and there, but trying now I cannot reproduce the issue.


I believe these errors could be a temporary blip in the upload service. If these errors keep occuring let us know!


The errors seem to be consistent since Friday at midnight CST. This seems to be related:


This is a consistent and repeatable issue for any uploads to Roblox at east in my U.S. region, and certainly not some blip. The uploading or Publishing in general has been a nightmare and degrading with more failures than successes the past week or so with increasing Timeouts or 500 errors from Roblox. Doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re uploading decals, textures, or publishing models… it’s practically unusable.

I regularly get HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error), and then after a few attempts with the response it changes to HTTP 403 Forbidden and then HTTP 429 Too Many Requests… literally takes a minute to get a response, and after 3 minutes / 3rd attempt of trying to publish the subsequent errors come across fast and bombard like it queued in background and did retries all at once.

It has become so bad that it takes me 30 minutes to make about 10-15 attempts, where only 1 succeeds, just so I can test some new code and find a problem that needs resolution and a republish just to start this cycle of failures all over again.


I’ve tried Upload.ashx from northeastern USA and from Paris, I get 500 Internal Server Error consistently.

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I was able to get some success on a VPN through Birmingham, UK… still did get some HTTP 500 responses which to me at least reinforces that its a broad issue impacting a number of large regions, with some locations having more success than others.

Thanks for the info, we are investigating this and will get back to you when a resolution is reached.


To add some extra information, it feels like the errors are more frequent when a studio instance has been open for a longer time (a couple hours?). I do not have any thorough data to back this up, but restarting studio and saving my place file to Roblox again does seem to help with stability for a short moment.

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Can you confirm if the errors are still consistent? An incident that was resolved may also fix these errors. Thanks!

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I don’t want to sound too optimistic as I’ve only had a few short use-cases since this post, but I have been able to upload an image as an asset that was previously failing 100% of the time, and I’ve been able to publish our game bundle as a model 3 times on first attempt with success. I’m going to knock on wood here since I’ve not had cause for much use yet today, but thus far I have yet to see a HTTP 500 response in my region. And so I’ve not had to employ a VPN.

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