Urgent help needed


Ive had the same error in my game on both roblox studio and roblox that when i press “Close” It pops up again after 2 seconds. It has also affected the sounds in my game because they are glitching.

I have no idea where this came from, Ive been trying everything i can but i don’t know what to do. I even contacted roblox and gave them all information they needed but they rudely replied that i should search online for help. PLEASE HELP ME :frowning:

The error says “Error this item is not currently for sale, Please charge your account”

First of all, lack of information. I clearly cannot tell if your problem is about the a gamepass being accessible or either that your studio pops the purchase things every time it is tested.

If you have the gamepass/purchase item appearing frequently when testing in the studio, please provide:

  • What plugins do you use and their authors,
  • Slight recording of the given experience,
  • What exactly do you press with the “Close” button, the Studio? The game testing? The purchase UI? etc.

In theory, so far with the provided information, I do believe it is a virus plugin that works to throw in viruses when installed, or either a toolbox model that you just let yourself use.
Many games on Roblox occur the problem of having a toolbox object that frequently pops up purchasables in the game.

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Please don’t post more than once about the same subject. Also, Education Support is the wrong forum for this error.
Your previous post: Error when playing my game on any devide

Please close or delete this topic (not the other one) and put all your information in that post.
It really helps when a group of people have all the same information and it isn’t spread all over the place.

Ok so i made a game pass connected to a UI button and it worked fine, After like a few days maybe the error occured im not sure exactly when tho. But today i deleted the gamepass and the button but the error is still there :confused:

I haven’t added any new plugins except for my old ones that i’ve always had so i don’t think that it has to do with a plugin.

And i haven’t even used any plugins in a while so…
Do you have any other ideas?

How about helping me instead of telling me to delete my 2 posts. Who are you to tell me what to do? I haven’t done anything wrong. Mind or own business if you aren’t here to help.

I am making 10 more posts if i want to that is none of your business.

It is our business because it is flooding the forum for no reason.

It is your own fault for making a problem in the wrong category.

You contacted the wrong category and look how it ended up for you, you should have picked the right category that has people who watch and specialize in this kind of thing.

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“flooding” I made 2 single posts

I state myself correctly.

All you need is a single post. Making more than one encourages the other users who also have problems to make their own the same way you did.

Even if you consider it as a small amount, in terms of having to experience it from many users doing it, it makes a sudden change. I do not belittle the almighty math in vain.


I mean when i post a problem that i have and i only get rude replies then im just gonna keep reposting, theres nothing you can do about that

None of the replies were anything like that. Most of them were only encouraging to learn that you should not do what you’ve done to prevent others from following the same mistake.
Thus to conclusion, others just wanted to let you know about the specific problems to prevent further causes of others making the same problem in the future.

And do not get me wrong, you did make too many topics regarding your game having a problem with gamepasses around the forum.