Using the MicroProfiler & MicroProfiler Documentation

I’ve published an article on how to use the MicroProfiler. I talk about how to use the tool, how to generate a profile dump, and what the profiler can be used for.

Learn how the most under-utilized tool can streamline your debug development!

"Roblox: Using the MicroProfiler":

"Roblox: MicroProfiler Documentation":

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I don’t know how or where you acquired this information from, but you are a great-send for the MicroProfiler documentation outlining the labels and what they represent. I’ve waited long enough for documentation on them. I don’t have the contacts or technical knowledge in order to break these down myself and I don’t know how my request is getting processed.

Thank you so much for this resource. It’ll be very helpful going forward in being able to actually use the MicroProfiler with some semblance of knowing what I’m reading and what to tackle in my game for improving performance. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game for me to figure out the labels (other than developer-opened labels which I later found out were UserTokens).

I would still appreciate Roblox make available an advanced guide to use of the MicroProfiler, since there are some tools on it that I don’t really understand - most of those coming from its topbar.


Hard agree, I wrote this article talking about the most common uses of the MicroProfiler because I know a majority of people who get confused instantly with other modes and views. As for Roblox documentation, I know they’re working on it & we’ve seen some great updates from them, like the current 2 articles that Roblox provides us:

Hopefully the trend continues and we see more awesome documentation regarding tooling like the profiler pop up :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi! Amazing tutorial! One issue: When I press CTRL + P it brings up a “Quick open” window instead of pausing the profiler. Any idea why this is happening and what buttons I have to press instead?

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Did you press ctrl + F6 prior? The profiler must be open to pause it.

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Yes, I did :frowning:

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This is a studio setting. Disable Respect studio shortcuts when game has focus - you’re attempting to use an in-game keybind in studio, this article and tutorial was directed towards playing your game. Studio profiles are not recommended for analyzing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah! Thanks a bunch! Where can I find that setting? :blush:

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press Alt+S bro that’s where it is

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Thanks a bunch! That’s where it was.

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