[v1.1] TeamCreate With avatars

I made a plugin that lets you wear your roblox avatar in Studio. In total this took quite a while to make as I ironed out bugs and glitches to get a finished product.
Me and my friends have been using it whilst making our game and have fixed any bugs we came across to ensure a good and working product
This plugin was inspired by @presssssure 's Team Create with Hats plugin.
Here are some pictures of my friends using the plugin:

let me know if you have any feedback :slight_smile:

How much does it cost?
100 R$ (i would go lower but that is the min)

How do i use it?
To use the plugin it is as simple as installing it.
To Disable/Enable it simply toggle it off/on in the plugins manager.

Can my friends see my avatar?
Yes. Anyone who isn’t using the plugin can also see your avatar.

Why should i use this?
you should use this plugin as it breathes more life into your teamcreate sessions.
+ its cheaper than teamcreate with hats.


So. lets say that I have the plugin right?
If someone without the plugin is there, will they be able to see it? Cause this is something I have been wondering,


Yup. Everyone who is in your TeamCreate session can see it.

even if they dont have the plugin they can still see it.

@wallop5607 has already made such a plugin.

wallop5607 was my old account. that plugin was riddled with bugs and i cant update it as my account got banned so i just uploaded it as v1.1
the old plugin also didnt scale the hats properly and equiped every accessory.
here is a side by side comparison:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay now the v1.1 makes sense lol!

Not gonna lie, team create with hats looks better. Still pretty good job.

i do plan on adding more features in the future, but for now it just uses your roblox avatar.