[v1.2.4] Synmax - A Powerful and Fast Command Line for Developers

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What Is Synmax?

Synmax is a powerful, modular, and blazing fast command line with limitless potential. Open with a simple keybind and run commands on the fly.


Core Features

Synmax is built around modules. This allows users to create their own custom shortcuts and methods.

Synmax is inspired by the MacOS Spotlight search. Using a keybind Shift + Space, Synmax can be opened and quickly utilized.

Designed for Power Users
Quick autofill using (Tab). This allows users to quickly jump to their desired commands.

Synmax is super fast. Instant contextual prediction allows lightning-fast workflow.

Open Source
The source of this plugin is freely available here. You can contribute or fork to your heart’s content.

Create a Module / View Module Documentation


I am no longer maintaining synmax regularly, but if you would like to contribute visit our GitHub repository and submit a pull request. It may be considered for the next update.

Feel free to send me a PM or contact me on twitter for any inquires!


Love the command system. You did an amazing job.

One thing I’d recommend is for the new command, you could do something like this:

new part <Parent>

Which would allow for you to insert a part into a direct parent, as an optional parameter.

In addition, making it so you can change properties would be very cool, such as something like this:

property <Index> <Property> <NewValue>

Those are just some suggestions I had in mind. Great job on the system overall! Can’t wait for the release.


Awesome suggestion! Ill get to work :slight_smile:


It’s a really good plugin but you should probably move this to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations since you havent open sourced it, yet.


Property command is added! :smiley:


  • Added a button that toggles the ‘exit when pressing enter’ function.
  • Added an info bar that shows the syntax.

EDIT: renamed this module to Set for faster usage.


A showcase of the workflow that can be achieved with Synmax.

A couple of new features to look forward to:

  • Added Select Function. Has methods for type and name searching.
    - Strict and Loose name searching. Strict needs to match case, loose can match a substring.

  • Added _index() method for modules, that can show contextual information.

  • Added Debug button for showing/hiding output.


Working on the GUI module. This allows rapid scaling and building of GUIs. Soon to be finished and added to Synmax.

Also added the use of ‘;’ to recall the last command!


Love the work you put in! Honestly looking foward to this!


I’m very excited to announce that Synmax [v1.0] has been released! Pick up your copy here: Synmax [v1.2.4] - A powerful command line - Roblox

If you end up making a module, let me know. I’d love to see what you come up with.



This looks really helpful if I do say so myself. I could definetly see this as a way to speed up my UI design work

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One nice thing would be for it to not disappear when you press enter, but rather clear the line on the bar and execute the code.
EDIT: Me realizes that’s what the “Pin” icon is there for… smh


Currently working on a new update that incorporates function information as well as parameter hints.

This will allow developers to create more user friendly modules for players!

Example of the Function information:

Also, I’m working on a simple anti-backdoor module (as shown above) that can quarantine potential threats like external require() calls by id. I will be uploading a template for developers later tonight!

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Hello synmax users! Update 1.1 is here!

Update 1.1 includes notable features such as:

  • Function information and Parameter Hints

  • New Modules (AV/Mods/About/Players)

  • AV Notes
    – Still in early beta. This currently allows basic backdoor prevention by detecting external requirements in scripts. Most won’t have a need for this, but if you have a game with free models this may come in handy.

And finally, a template for developers!

This template will walk you through creating your own modules! If you end up creating your own, let me know. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Please let me know if you have any feature requests, or help writing a module!

EDIT: New Method!

interface = Methods.makeWindow("SynmaxMods", 250, 250, 250, 60)
interface.Title = "Synmax > Your Mod Name"

Create windows and custom GUIs easily!

Synmax v1.2 - Cross-Place Continuity

A quick update for synmax that introduces: cross-place modules!

This update introduces three new buttons:

  • Enable Saves: Toggles cross-place saving.
  • Sync Overwrite: Toggles on-load script source updates.
    – If this is disabled, synmax will skip the existing file if it finds a save for it.
  • Force Sync: Forces the current studio instance to pull saved modules.

In order to get full place-to-place continuity, you should enable Saves and Sync Overwrite

Build a library of custom modules and have them be persistent between places! Apply updates to them on the fly as needed, and have them persist between places.

A few things to note:

  • When saving is enabled, it automatically saves when you switch scripts.
  • To push a saved version of your mod folder, click Reload Mods.
    — This will automatically push a new save of your modules!
  • Saving binds to plug in deactivation as well.

Example (switching between two places):

This is still in beta, so please report any bugs you find.

Pick up a copy here:

Or update in plugin manager! :slight_smile:

Also, a quick poll:

  • I haven’t used synmax yet, but I plan to!
  • I don’t plan on using synmax.
  • I use synmax, but I have no desire to make modules.
  • I use synmax and would love to make modules.

0 voters

EDIT: Made the poll more specific!

Thanks for reading!

New Module Development Video!

I’ve created a new video showing the process of creating your own module. This goes in-depth on the core functions of Synmax!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Quick Patch v1.2.1 - New Animations for Synmax

Hello! I come with a quick new update and a severe lack of sleep. :zombie:

Synmax got some new moves! There are now animations when using the command line. These are purely cosmetic, yet very fun to watch.

Some notable fixes:

  • Drastically improved performance: Reduced the number of calls to the internal update function.
  • Fixed bug with Synmax not recognizing an argument when auto-filling with (TAB)
  • Implemented all current Roblox objects into the (new) module. (Synmax Helped :smiley:)
  • Fixed bug with Recall using ;
  • Made (TAB) only fire when there is a prediction present.
  • Other code optimizations


EDIT: Just added movement to the information section. :slight_smile:


Very nice release. I’ll try to add it into my Desktop release, though I suspect it’ll take a while to actually do so.

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Quick Patch v1.2.2 - Custom Editor Colors/Themes for Synmax

Hello all, Brand new update that introduces a lot more customizability into Synmax!

Added a new module titled settings. This module will allow you to tune Synmax to your liking. Currently, there are four changeable settings.

  • Proper Syntax Color, or color:norm (Default Green)
  • Function Color, or color:funct (Default Blue)
  • Error Color, or color:err (Default Red)
  • Info Text Color, or color:info (Default Yellow)

Changes to these settings save so your theme persists between studio instances!

In order to return the colors to the default palette, use color:defaults()

Quick Fixes:

  • The PIN and DEBUG toggles will now remember their state.
  • Internal tweaks to the update function.
  • Fixed a bug where the colors would not change.
  • Fixed a problem with the PIN and OUTPUT Toggles not working properly.

Check it out in action:

A cool looking theme I whipped up:

As always, if you find any bugs please let me know!


This man is putting in WORK :mechanical_arm:

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Yoooo this looks insane! You kind of just created your own coding language!

Epic work bro!

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