Variable prices for dev-products

Let’s say your selling your in-game currency in your game for Robux/Tickets. Currently, you have to use preset amounts. However, what if someone wants to buy more than your preset amount, or any amount in between? I suggest tacking on another argument, so the PromptProductPurchase looks like this:

void PromptProductPurchase (
    Player player,
    int productId,
    bool equipIfPurchased = true,
    CurrencyType currencyType = Default,
    int Cost

where Cost is the new price of the Developer Product. If it’s nil, the preset cost is used.

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We asked for this in many threads, but it seems that they are not that interested in this way of working.

This actually already may happen thanks to a lot of votes on the Trello for upcoming features!

I suggested this back in March, you can now find it on the Trello board. Unfortunately we haven’t seen action on that board for sometime which is a shame.