Viewport completely broken when using device emulator

Reproduction Steps

  1. Im not sure how you would reproduce this if the bug does not happen for you, but for me its simply opening the Device Emulator

Expected Behavior
The device emulator opens as a topbar to the viewport and everything works Fine

Actual Behavior
The Device Emulator causes the workspace viewport to become fullscreen.

I don’t know why the video doesn’t show the viewport becoming full, but that is how it shows for me and theres no way out of it.


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!


Hey OP - would you mind posting a bit more info? What kind of system are you on? Please see How to post a Bug Report - thanks!

Hey! Sorry for the late reply.
Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K @ 3.60
16 GB
Nvida geforce rtx 3050

It looks like the issue is layout corruption.

A beta feature (Updated Docking System) has been released to address this. Please try it and let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue.

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No. It did not fix the device emulator.

Hi @JorusRetorak, can you please post screenshots/videos of the issue you’re having the device emulator? The YouTube that you have posted can no longer be viewed.

I looked at your video and the device emulator seems to be showing up as expected, unless I’m missing something. The device is set to HD 1080, maybe that’s why you get the full screen effect as you’re describing in your post. Can you please try changing the device to iPhone 7? In that case the emulator’s screen size will be significantly smaller than the size of your Studio and you wouldn’t see that full screen effect anymore.

I cannot change the device because the second i turn it on the emulator goes full screen and the UI goes away. To show the UI again I have to hit the windows button, and then if I try to hit the button to change the device, it just goes full screen on the viewport again.

From the last video you posted (, I don’t see emulator going full screen. It’s going beyond the limits of the 3D View. You can still change the device and set the size to Fit to Window. Please see the screenshots attached:

My bad. I forgot it does not show in videos. For some reason the full screen does not show in videos. But for me, the 3D Viewport goes full screen and I cannot see any of the UI.

That’s very strange. You’re saying the 3D View covers your whole screen? Can you please take a screenshot?

If i hit the keybind for Gyazo Screenshot, the UI randomly comes back. Im not sure why.


Can you just take a screenshot using Windows, like with the PrtScn key? Here are some ways you can take screenshots on Windows:

Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots - Microsoft Support.


that is the entire screen

This is very unusual. Could you please post a video too? Also, when can you please capture the logs and send them over as well?

Here’s a link on how to get the logs:

I can get you logs soon, but Im not sure how to record it. Everytime I record it, it doesnt show the viewport going full screen even though I see it, not sure why