Vinegar - The Better Way to Run Roblox on Linux

I have this issue too!
When I open Roblox Studio, it just says that there was a serious error. (or something similar, currently not on my main machine)

I’m running an install of Debian 12 on an RTX 2060 Super and an i5-9400F, so maybe it has something to do with Debian-based distros or Nvidia’s drivers? That’s my best guess, but I have no experience in Linux app development.

Hopefully this can get fixed soon, Windows 11 in my experience is too slow and clunky for me.

edit - mistyped cpu smh

does it work with Roblox Studio?

Do you think this would be able to run on Kubuntu?

Absolutely. You can either compile vinegar or use the flatpak.

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Sounds like a great FOSS project. I’m going to try it out!

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can’t seem to get studio to work, instantly crashes and opens the wine debugger which is about as helpful as you’d expect

tried every renderer i could, guess that’s the one reason to keep my windows ssd


Finally. Roblox is playable again without having to reinstall a Bloat Infested OS

It’s a Wine bug. You will need the childwindow patch (already included with Flatpak) and you will need to set your DPI to 192. Some people have also had luck with a DPI of 120.

Getting a

go: errors parsing go.mod:
 /home/username/vinegar/go.mod:14: unknown block type: retract
make: *** [Makefile:17: vinegar] Error 1

Error when trying to run the make step when installing from source.
I have every required dependency that I’m aware of, and am running on Debian 11 (using ChromeOS’s linux feature if it really matters)