VIP Purchasing/Renewal logging in Purchase history

As a Roblox player it is currently too hard to keep track of my VIP servers and know when a VIP server got auto-renewed.

As of right now I would need to go through my VIP server list (which shows even the inactive servers) and check if auto renewal is on, and when the date of renewal is.

If roblox were to add VIP server purchasing/renewal to purchase log it would make it easier to know why my robux has suddenly vanished.


My first reaction to reading the title was “Isn’t there a very handy overview of all your VIP servers right in the inventory?” but I wasn’t aware that that list was merely an all-time history.

I think an overview of active servers, both with an active subscription and those that are pre-paid and still active, would be quite an essential addition for players. Especially since there isn’t a ‘Heads up, we’re extending this VIP server subscription tomorrow’-type notification.


I’ve been getting charged 100 Robux every month for the past year and I haven’t been able to figure out what game the vip server is for.


They are logged, just in an unorthodox way:

It can absolutely be made better though, they should just show up in reverse chronological order like the rest of the transactions.

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