Visual Indicator for Disabled Scripts


I was thinking the same thing with the Discord color blind friendly mode. Nice recreation btw.


This is true! In studio, while you can adjust the color of most things, I don’t see things relating to changing symbols. That being said, why don’t they put “colorblind mode” or something to that effect onto studio?


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Its a good idea, the most we can go for. The least we could go for is a color blind friendly icon for everyone instead of a color blind friendly mode.

@200Ethan creates module disabled property request


This is a great idea, creating a visual indicator for disabled scrips will save us from a lot of hassle in the future. There’s been numerous times I’ve spent far too long trying to fix something in my code when the real problem was that I had the script disabled!

However, I have to agree with the general consensus that the icon is not dark enough. At a glance, it can be difficult to distinguish the two colours.


Should be changed to something else, Like it says (Disabled) or a red dot or something, It’s kinda hard to see a bit since its almost the same color as the enabled color on some screens, I’ve mistaken it as a enabled script a couple of times.

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Half-conscious, long nights of painfully debugging new code, only to discover you intelligently disabled something: you will be missed :heart:


Does anybody experience this when they see a disabled script?

I definitely think it would be useful to have something more prevalent such as a cross on the icon.


Great idea, but it could’ve had a better execution. The colour of a disabled script isn’t too much different from an enabled script so you can’t really distinguish it at first glance. It would be much better if there was a red circle with a cross in it overlayed over the icon, or something similar.


Countless times I have accidentally disabled a script and spending hours trying to figure out what went wrong, then I realize I accidentally disabled a script. I’m glad this change made it through to Roblox Studio.


Solves an excellent amount of problems with getting help from Discord communities. I can’t tell you how much people’s time I wasted just by a disabled script. Disabled scripts are now angry over this update, because they can’t troll people anymore when the host machine is confused. (basically you)

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I’m a little late on this but it’s really helpful; before this, I had to enable the AreScriptStartsReported setting. It also worked, but it would sometimes spam out any useful data printed for debugging so it wasn’t ideal.

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Feel like they should aswell do this for Ui Frames (is Visible), ScreenGuis (is Enabled) SurfaceGuis (is Enabled) and billboards (is Enabled) Would be an very appriciated feature!


I recommend making a feature request on this in the required format in Studio Features, that suggestion might get lost here


Thats maybe one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve read today, But I’m pretty sure it will be hard to make, and can color blind people use studio? You need to use colors in blocks etc. So, while it is a really good idea, I don’t think they should make it. No offense to you in any way.


Color blind people don’t see small differences between colors, like blue-purple, green-red and yellow-orange. So I can design things, but seeing the difference is pretty hard for me :slight_smile:

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Oh, okay thank you for telling me, I was unaware of these details, I change my mind, this would be a good change to the studio. Thanks for the help! :smiley:


Colorblind people can absolutely use studio. I’ve had issues with a few things.

  1. Obviously the disabling of scripts in studio
  2. Lighting. I at least (can’t speak for other colorblind people as there are variations) have issues seeing the slight differences in lighting from spot lights, surface lights and other light sources.

For the most part, I don’t have an issue with studio. Of course I don’t build so that might make it a bit better. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking!

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