Volumetric Clouds Module

Hey Developers,

I am proud to announce my Volumetric Clouds module! This module is a module that generates Volumetric Clouds within the Roblox engine.

This Project will come in several phases (Like Dynamic Skies coming to roblox) There will be 3 Phases. Phase 1, 2 and 3. Phase 1 is the current released Phase. Really simple and basic. Phase 2 will be focused on fixing bugs and adding more customizable features Phase 3 is tying it up and fixing all bugs and adding more.

Here is the Phase 1 release Image.

As we can see, these clouds (in my opinion) look much nicer (so far) than the current Roblox clouds. This doesn’t mean that the Roblox clouds will always look bad, this is just me making something better than ROBLOX. Haha!

How do I use the Module?

The module is located here, and you can use this module to of course, create clouds. Now about how you use it… You have to call the module and use its functions. For example, I made a script in ServerScriptService which contained this code:

local CloudsModule = require(script.Parent.CloudsModule)


		Tallness = 40; -- Default Value = 40
		Offset = 0; -- Default Value = 0
		Density = 0.2 -- Default Value = 0.2

I called the module and set its values. You can change up the values to change how your cloud looks!

What do the values Do?

Its pretty straight forward so far. Tallness sets how tall (max) the clouds can be in studs, offset changes the offset of each cloud location to make it look less static, and density changes the density of the clouds. For example, I have some images located down here:

Density = 1

Density = 0.03

Tallness = 100

Tallness = 15

Offset = 25

Offset = 0

Now, I want to hear from you!

Don’t be shy to give feedback. Be it about the Visuals of Volumetric Clouds, or about the code. Thank you! I hope you enjoy Volumetric Clouds.

You can get the latest updates for the module on my twitter. https://twitter.com/DomProducer


Update: I dont know how to spell.


this is kinda cool i would use it in my game and credit you!


Hopefully a transparency feature. Looks a little awkward with the clouds being mostly solid.


I love clouds. 11/10.
Very good clouds.


This looks cool, Is there a way to make the clouds darker and closer together for rain clouds?

Well. I shouldnt share anything, but Im doing it anyway.

In phase 2, I have a CloudHeight value planned. You will be able to customize the height. There will also be cloud types. (Raincloud, Cumulus, Stratus, Ect) which will all be arriving in Phase 2. Along with much less lag, along with Cloud Speed. So be ready for phase 2! I plan to release within the week goal is saturday


Looks really good. I want to try these out. How far out do they go from the origin?

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well you see, there is no end O_O Haha. But there will be a limit in Phase 2.

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Very detail clouds, but the performance could need a little work for low end devices. great job, keep up the good work!

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Get ready for phase 2…You’re gonna like it :wink:


I didn’t expect to see you again old friend

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Cool module! I’ll probably be using it in a weather system I’m working on. Also,

This should be Nimbus or Cumulonimbus to be accurate. Not “Raincloud.”

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My man really fixed a Roblox update. :flushed:


Maybe change “Tallness” to “Height” lol


Do the clouds just move continuously? What happens once they go out of your view range?

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Density :+1:
just set it to 0.03 for a transparent look


T’was afraid they didn’t know what it meant Haha.

Honestly if you would add a demo, like maybe pictures, you could easily get the point across while also being accurate.

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Not gonna lie, it looks amazing! I really like the attention to details. I really wonder how you made those clouds.

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