VR Updates: OpenXR, Height Scaling and Floor Tracking

Thats for the 2D app, also Roblox has the right to opt out, they did this with the iPad app for Apple Silicon Macs and we are only hearing from Roblox Staff that the Apple Silicon Native version will come very soon.

I also think it is part of their engine (forget the name of it, this is also why Apple Silicon Support for Roblox was delayed as well) weather or not they support Apple Vision Pro.


This update is amazing, but…


Hey, so there’s been an issue recently. A bug that was fixed has basically been un-fixed by this update. Previously it was stated in the fix from 2021 that you’d “now have to make sure steamvr is running first before you can play in VR”

but now once again steamvr starts itself. it’s been extremely disruptive to workflow and takes up unecessary system resources.


That basically beats the point of VR if you have to be sitting down at your desk with a keyboard and mouse or using a controller


I’m having this same exact issue right now.I’m not sure what to do about it at all.


I’d love one, VR itself is confusing as-is. Roblox’s implementation isn’t great, as many have said over the years.

This week (week of 6/26/2023) I’ve been working on VR with Unity. After said week, I hope to dive deeper and compare the implementation between Unity and Roblox. With Unity, I ‘build and run’ my project and it just appears on the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. I’ll be sure to test out more, but an app on the store would be awesome.


after this update me and a lot of other people in my discord server have noticed that we just… can’t open roblox in VR at all

even with OpenXR set to SteamVR, launching a game with SteamVR open and ready just loads the desktop version of the game instead :frowning:

really sad too cause i just spent like 5 days working on an update to the VR in my game only to find out i can’t playtest it at all :skull:


I just had my bug report closed after reporting that the Meta Quest 2 doesn’t work with SteamVR (my only way to play). Turns out, Roblox doesn’t support (and probably won’t support) Meta Quest 2 through SteamVR but still has the Oculus Touch input method available despite having no tracking or proper input bindings. This is a massive issue as every one of my friends uses Virtual Desktop to play PCVR games and cannot use the Oculus app due to it being laggy through our WiFi, unlike Virtual Desktop.

If Roblox stopped supporting Oculus devices through SteamVR, I officially have to stop working on VR projects on Roblox since I am unable to even use Roblox in VR as I have a Meta Quest 2 and only use SteamVR. Literally every VR title on my computer uses SteamVR except Roblox.

This update single-handedly made Roblox VR completely unusable for me.


I am having major annoying problems with VR (I have HTC Vive).

Problem 1: Whenever I launch anything ROBLOX related (studio and such), it launches SteamVR. Yes, I know, rename the SteamVR folder, blah blah blah, but its getting tiring and repetitive. Sometimes, it doesnt work at all for some reason and prompting me to unplug everything VR related from my PC.

Problem 2: Whenever I do intend to do VR stuff in studio and test play, ROBLOX Studio and SteamVR closes itself.

Does anybody know a fix or file a report? I cant really post on Bug Reports.

Edit: Seems like SteamVR doesn’t detect Roblox Studio


As mentioned above you have to set OpenXR as the runtime in SteamVR. There are currently a couple of bugs with OpenXR that were fixed, but are waiting for the next client release (~583).
This includes Roblox Player not launch VR through SteamVR, Studio shutting down VR when your headset goes to sleep and Quest controllers being supported directly in SteamVR.


Thank you so much! I do hope that Oculus headsets can also be tracked as it is unable to in the current release. If that is already fixed in the new releases coming up, I am very happy! :smiley:

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i cant play roblox on vr with my rift s anymore, my vr and the controllers work fine but when i play any vr game my controllers dont work or it says “headset disconnected” and when i uninstall steamvr roblox just launches in desktop mode, can this please be fixed?

edit: i did fix this but some vr games broke because of this update


okay update??? apparently if you have any OpenXR API layers active in SteamVR at all it won’t let roblox player launch in VR. i had one and i disabled it and suddenly roblox started behaving as expected. so if roblox just opens in desktop mode even though steamvr is open and set as openxr, try turning those off maybe???

still does not fix the roblox studio bug where it only works once and then spits out openxr api fails until you restart though

update update: oh god it’s doing the thing again where it forcibly opens steamvr if the vr headset is so much as plugged in


Hopefully, Roblox would be on the Meta store.


have i got good news for you buddy: Roblox is coming to Meta Quest!


the Apple Vision Pro isn’t really meant for video games (at least I don’t think it is)


And even if it is meant for Games, it is not worth Roblox’s effort to port the Platform to a product that only 0.25% of the Population will actually be brain damaged enough to buy.


imagine playing an fps with the hand tracking on the vision pro. :rofl:

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I’m happy to say that this update didn’t break my experience (and therefore didn’t mess up Nexus VR Character Model), but I did notice two things:

  1. The Roblox staff member that replied to me before mentioned something about hiding the bottom bar when not looking down, which would be a good update, but as of now, it’s still always visible.
  2. What’s this new shield icon on the bottom bar? Interacting with it doesn’t make any UI appear; If I had voice chat (if only), I would assume it indicated if I was allowed to use it. Is this for the planned safety bubbles in VR?

That’s the Safety Bubble feature that when other users come too close to you, the bubble automatically fades them out from your view. There’s an option in the settings to exclude friends from being hidden by the bubble, as well as being able to disable the bubble altogether.

There is a dedicated voice toggle that appears to the left of the bubble toggle, on the same column with the UI and chat buttons.