Meta Quest Open Beta Now Available for Download

Yes; they’re both in the settings menu (I can’t remember whether they’re in the advanced settings or not), but they’re there


yeah i found them (what are advanced settings)


I used the Quest 2 to play one of my games which had a FPS counter and it showed about 45 FPS on average.

Then I played other games like VR Hands and the problem is the small Non-VR characters is invisible and the FPS is of course, under 60 FPS.


Or users like me, who use a potato PC.


I’m glad someone else noticed too


Many (if not all) of the issues I found on the OpenXR launch are still present, see reply #41 for the list of existing issues, except there are exclusive issues with the quest beta. I understand this is to be expected because this beta release was launched just a day ago.

The newly found issues exclusive to the quest beta are;

  1. The framerate is always below 72 FPS, possible bottlenecking.

    My guess is that the app tries to run at 60 FPS native to the game engine. But because the hardware itself always runs higher than 60 FPS, there is possible bottlenecking as a result.
    (Please don’t take this for granted, I am not an expert on this.)

  2. The loading screen and the UI panel is stretched.

    When loading into an experience, the loading screen is stretched vertically, whereas the UI panel is stretched horizontally.

This is all I have found in my recent go with the quest beta at this moment.


I find it fun so far. I expected the graphics hit, and I like VR in general so I’m easy that way.

But roller coaster 1st-person POVs don’t follow the track properly, even coasters from major theme park accounts with a POV button. Orion (from Cedar Fair) always has the view pointing even with the horizon, though it orients along the forward motion of the coaster. Kraken (from Busch Gardens) is always even with the horizon, especially bad for a coaster with loops, but also does not orient towards the coaster’s forward motion. They’re both fine in flat mode when the 1st-person view is enabled with their POV select buttons.


I think Roblox VR is great! It’s a bit clunky at times, especially on more graphics-intensive games, but for the most part works fine.

I tried two of my own games using VR, and while one of them worked great with no modifications, the other one (which, to be fair, has more scripts that change the player camera style and character movement) did work, but was extremely rough around the edges in VR, and the lighting was quite poor. But if I make modifications to the game, it’ll work better, and most of the issues are to be expected, so it’s not really Roblox’s fault.

I also tried out some other games (pls donate, Natural Disaster Survival, and VR Hands). Here’s what I noticed about each of them:

pls donate

pls donate worked fine since it had some scripts already designed for VR, and it actually shows hand position to other players rather than just moving a normal character along with the movements made in VR, so out of all it was my personal favorite.

Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival was actually pretty good, since it was fun watching a tornado rip apart a house inches in front of me, however unlike pls donate, hand/head movement isn’t shown to other players. Hand/head movement is one of the most expressive ways to communicate in VR, and way more efficient than text chat, but it is a feature I can live without, so it is what it is. I would like to see unconstrained head/hand movement in all experiences (or at least a toggle per game) in the future.

VR Hands

VR Hands is definitely designed with higher level hardware in mind, and the gameplay and visuals on Quest 2 show it. Automatic graphics levels or graphics levels below 6 take a massive hit in render distance; I could barely see a few feet in front of me with automatic graphics enabled. Despite that, I had some fun with a friend for a few minutes in this game, though since VR Hands uses its own VR scripts, there are noticeable issues with turning (smooth turning isn’t an option as far as I know; only 45 degree turns) and clunky movement (everything feels like it’s at 15-30 FPS, which isn’t terrible, but on higher graphics levels it starts to get really annoying).

In conclusion, Roblox VR is definitely a great experience; though there is room for improvement, the launch was surprisingly stable for games that previously didn’t have any VR scripts/camera modifications, even for older games such as Natural Disaster Survival. There are a few things I think can be improved in the future (especially built-in server sided hand/head movement that other players can see), but besides those, it’s quite well designed. Good job, Roblox!


It seems like any games using the new TextChatService have issues with chat not displaying in-game.

Hopefully this issue is fixed before Roblox VR is fully released


What you need to do is stop putting the GUI’s and UI’s literally in front of your face it should be like the computer how it’s stationary on the screen like why did you put the menu where you can’t even hide it and it’s in front of you 24/7 once again another pointless poorly executed update fix the UI being right in front of you 24/7 and have the menu on the actual bottom instead of every time you move around your camera it follows you that’s the most dumbest thing ever and you can barely even see the game if you could fix that that’ll make it 100x more immersive.


Does this mean we are getting more stuff for VR to make development easier for it?


Glad to see this moving! Can’t wait for Roblox to on all platforms!


This sounds great, I hope this means that PC VR support will be improved and further supported as well. Getting more players into VR will hopefully get more players supporting bigger and better VR games. More VR support is always appreciated, but I don’t like the massive focus on social aspect stuff. I suspect that the recent face tracking things are related to this and I have concerns with future updates being focused on more social aspects changing Roblox to be more like things like Rec room or the metaverse, putting less support on games that aren’t all about roleplaying. I know a lot of games that are popular on Roblox are just that, but I still worry that Roblox will start to ignore the other games if they focus on this path.


Pressing the menu button on the left controller makes all the gui go away and the bottom menu smaller. Makes it much better.


I’m so excited to test this out! Roblox is really stepping up it’s game!


Just hide it if you don’t want it. Delete the folder in the Camera instance.


Wait this isn’t available for the Meta Quest 1?


no its available on meta quest 2


oh i just realized what you said lol sorry


I have been waiting for this for years, I can’t put into words how happy I was when I first played VR in Roblox.