Way to organize assets in folders in Game window

That’s pretty much it, the ability to add subfolders inside the image assets folder and mesh assets folder. Would increase workflow when you don’t have to search through tons of images.


I have wanted this for quite a while! I’m always annoyed by needing to prefix all the assets by what they are instead of being able to actually organize them.

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I agree, as a developer working on big projects with loads of assets like images, meshes, scripts, etc. it’s often hard to navigate through these assets as they’re all displayed on one level within the “Game” tab/widget.

The platform is growing, the code base and engine is becoming more efficient and more techniques and technologies are being developed to allow bigger and more complex games, it’s inevitable that these games will require more assets. The current system works fine for small projects with a small amount of assets, but for bigger (and increasingly bigger) games it’s come to the point where being unable to categorise or search assets is becoming more and more of an issue.

Allowing users to create sub-folders would be a huge improvement as it allows in-depth organisation. (This should include all asset categories listed in the “Game” tab/widget. From Badges to Places.) On top of that, a search bar would be useful so we can search for specific assets by name. This change would greatly benefit developers working on larger projects, especially in teams. Having to manually keep track of each asset through services like Google Sheets is getting increasingly more hard and time-consuming, and removes the ability to directly insert the asset from within Studio.


I would also like to see this; As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep the game window organized.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my game / my development experience because organization is key in workflow!

It is tedious to scroll through all models / images imported into my projects. Lets say I import several models consisting of (Head, upperTorso, lowerTorso, rightupperarm,rightlowerarm…) it becomes cumbersome.

I’d also like to request a way to add folders and folders within folders to help organize this, rather than a giant list of all assets, sub-categorized by their type.

Thank you for reading, and your consideration.