Webhook Service, A simple way to send information to Discord webhooks from Roblox!


I have created a simple module called “Webhook Service” which allows you to post to Discord Webhooks from Roblox with simply 1 line!

VIdeo: How to use webhook service in Roblox (Simple way to use webhooks with Discord) - YouTube


local url = "Your discord webhook URL"

local webhookService = require(game.ServerStorage.WebhookService)

webhookService:createEmbed(url, "This is a title!", "This is a message!", "https://i.imgur.com/4Kuye6W.jpeg")


I believe this is a very useful module for beginners or even advanced scripters as it saves a lot of time on creating Webhook embeds or messages

You can also post just messages


local url = "Your discord webhook URL"

local webhookService = require(game.ServerStorage.WebhookService)

webhookService:createMessage(url, "This is a message")



You can get the module Here

Make sure this module is either in ServerScriptService or ServerStorage

Also do not log when a user joins the game if your game has high traffic because you will get rate limited

If you have any suggestions or feedback please feel free to reply!


Is there any api link?
Embed fields?

Thanks for the contribution

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There is currently no embed fields but I will try to add them as soon as I can. I didn’t add it during creation because it was just meant to be a simple little thing where you can just send a message or a single embed with an image if you wanted.

What exactly is the use case of this?

To quickly use webhooks on Discord, I usually use webhooks for logging anti-cheat kicks/bans but you can use it for anything

Discord shouldn’t be used as a logging service. While it’s a cool creation and all (by all means, don’t take this down), this shouldn’t be meant for logging. Maybe you should generalize your module more to cover all kinds of webhooks?

Read about it here:


just a heads up:

discord will take action if you are constantly getting rate limited and it’s not unknown for them to restrict your account’s access to web hooks.

really nice and simple module though! i like the embed creation :slight_smile:

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I was needing something like this so many thanks!

Is there a way to make a similar script but for a bug report/suggestions box style format?

Such a thing though has a few hurdles, like needing a good system or two in place so a user couldn’t rate limit Discord and get you in trouble via them spamming it or it being used too frequently at once in big games. An easy solution I guess is it having a cooldown every time it’s used by a player.

I’m not sure if tags would be necessary or not. I’m not sure much about scripting things
honestly. All and all completely not neccesary I was just wondering if it was possible,
anyways, again so much thanks I’ll definitelly pick this up and see what we can do!