WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr

Thank you for this, I am currently making a suggestion GUI.

The reason is I only have discord to read suggestions
But thank you!

Despite the constant backlash against this idea, I personally see this as a great contribution and harmless. Many people will benefit off of the usage of this creation, and you’re doing it for free. That isn’t something to nit-pick at, it’s something to respect. Good job to you :grin: :heart:


Due to yesterday’s Discord outage and depending on your request rate, your webhooks may have been banned in error. I have wiped out all the possible bans related to this. Apologies.

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It just says trust check failed for me

im following this tutorial for my feedback system but it just says trust check failed

Found the solution there was something wrong with my http fixed it so if anybody else has problems with it saying trust check failed make sure it says this on the webhookurl

You were just missing the protocol. Needs to have https:// in front of it. :slight_smile:

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uh ohh
the server for the proxy’s website broke

yep. It’s displaying a HTTP 502 (Bad Gateway) error lol.

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We’re back to normal operation. As far as I can tell, someone was performing a DDoS attack (accidentally or on purpose, I don’t know) and cloudflared was hitting its file limit on the system. I’ve bumped up the file limit and it seems that the requests have stopped coming through, either by Cloudflare’s doing or by the original requester’s doing.

Upd: A proper mitigation has been applied at Cloudflare’s side to stop the attack. I expect more though so I’ll do my best to stop them before it gets bad.

Think your service went down or restricted again.

Went ahead and replaced webhooks after a rogue dev spammed -everyone on them.
But now being hit from your anti-abuse?

Please DM your webhook ID. If your developer went rogue it could be that they got the webhook banned.

Although you did mention replacing it, in which case it might’ve been someone trying to pull a funny and the anti-abuse kicked in to prevent that.

I think roblox is blocking this proxy now.
I only get this error when the server runs it from a script, not when I run it via the console, via client or via local server.

This isn’t related to me. That error is specifically because you’re trying to send a HTTP request of some kind to a Roblox API endpoint. Please check your code first.

How does the anti-abuse work for this?
I assume just making a new URL would bypass it unless there is some information that the webhook carries that I don’t know of?

A mix of soft ratelimits, some pre-request checking and some post-request checks too.

It’s very much possible that I could send a request to the webhook to get guild/channel information and incorporate that into my anti-abuse checks (if you send a GET request to a webhook, like putting it in your browser, it will return information regarding the server and channel it’s in, as well as some information about the webhook itself like its name and avatar), but for privacy reasons I decided against that since I don’t want to hold any information regarding what the webhook’s for.

If you want to make a new URL, go for it, I won’t stop you. But if you do the exact same thing that got your old webhook banned, you’ll just get the new one banned too.

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Thanks for letting me know, I plan to open source my ban handler which uses this proxy to display the bans/commands used ingame but was worried people would implement it wrong and get blocked. I’ll make sure to direct them to this comment once I open source it.

Are there any alternatives? I don’t trust this well enough.

Sure there are. https://hooks.hyra.io/ is another one that’s slightly newer and does a different approach to proxying with multiple IP addresses (though I’m not sure what the benefit of this is), but more or less works the same. However, it seems they log request data for debugging purposes, so make of that what you will.

Always goes down because of Anti-Abuse, not possible to use.