WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr

I’m looking into solutions to this. This is what happens when you get bad actors I suppose.

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Is there any chance support for editing messages could be added?
More info: Discord Developer Portal

Ah, I held off on adding this for simplicity’s sake, but if there’s an active use case for it then I can add it. Hold tight!

thanks! while your at it, might as well add support for deleting as well. I can PR the stuff if you want, but my js/ts isn’t too great.

Will implement, don’t worry. Just been sidetracked with stuff.

The reason it uses multiple IP addresses is because Discord has a ratelimit set at 5 requests per second per IP address.

Request data is only logged if the request fails. This is discarded of automatically after 7 days.

Hey, I love your Discord Proxy, do you think you could do the same for Twitter?
Mainly to use the Check if the user is a Follower <3
If you need anything let me know!

Thanks Again!

You should be able to do this without a proxy. Just make the HTTP requests you need to make using the HttpService.

Nop Roblox is blocking some important Character to add in the Header for the Twitter Key. I have all the Code ready, I just need a proxy.

There is a whole topic about it here : How to use the Twitter API inside studio? - #23 by Redanite

They’re a bit old now, but long-time user of this proxy here addressing concerns of trustworthiness and more!

I use this proxy across all my major games and have since it was created, and I have zero complaints, only praise. Anytime an issue arises, it’s almost always on my end. It will never be on the webhook’s end, unless it is a brief period of downtime (blame Cloudflare, it’s always Cloudflare).
The proxy is usable, if you’re using it right. It has limitations and if your webhook is constantly breaking, it’s something on your end.

10/10 proxy, would replace my Discord URLs with it again. funny vouch for funny proxy.

Just FYI I will be deploying a pretty major update soon. Downtime might be expected and there are changes to the anti-abuse system so things might go kaput. If you get hit by any issues message me immediately.

@Uncontained0 psst… sorry for the wait…

The changes have been deployed. I’ll monitor everything from my side but it’s looking good so far. Please shoot a DM if any issues arise.

no problem, thanks for adding what I needed!

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is this still working? im getting an http 400 error

edit: im stupid lol i was misformatting the content

Hey all,

There’s some unexpected downtime at the minute. I’m working to get the service back online as soon as possible but it may take a couple of days. My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.



Do you know of any alternatives to yours in the meantime?

Oh thanks! That was a great one, surely others will see this convo to come here!


A heads up for anyone that sees this thread, this webhook (https://webhook.lewistehminerz.dev) is no longer operating since the developer got a dispute and had to take it down.

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It’s still showing a 1033 Argo tunnel error for me. Are you sure your information is 100% accurate?