Website Chat Notification That Never Goes Away

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Been having this problem a lot recently

Made this to flush stuck ones! Hope it helps


Trying a few times tonight, I managed to replicate this 100% of the time across 5 times.

  1. Go into Team Create game (That I do not own)
  2. Have owner join after I’m already in
  3. Notification on website pops up, and I’m unable to get rid of it, unless I send a message to that user, and then refresh the page

This is still a big issue. A solution I’ve found is that sometimes you just have to leave the chat thing open with no other tabs open for a few minutes and it will finally mark it as read.

This doesn’t just happen under special circumstances, it happens whenever I get a chat message.

I’d like to bring up that this is still happening on the current model of the website. Contrary to other cases however, there is no specific chat instance that is causing this notification. It is simply displaying that I have an unread message somewhere, but it’s not with anyone I’m able to start a chat with.

I would loosely speculate that it may be someone who I had removed as a friend whilst having an unread message, but I effectively never use the chat feature in favor of third party services.


Still happening to this day and has been I’ve looked for where the notification was at and who it was coming from, but with no look. I’d suggest like to clear my chat notifications as it personally bugs me to see that I have notifications that I already checked in the past.


Speak of the devil, I was just looking into how to get rid of this issue after I figured out it was the Roblox chat.

It seems to add chat notifications at what seems like random but I can confirm that:

  • Occasionally, adding a friend will cause a new “zombie” notification.
  • Opening a chat with anyone has a chance to create a new “zombie” notification, characterized by the person you clicked on skyrocketing to the top of the list.

This happens to me all the time, good thing its hidden away in the bottom right of my screen so i can easily ignore it.


I accidentally added someone and received a ‘ghost’ message that the new chat was created, even though it was empty. Usually this notification goes away for me just by opening the chat. I unfriended the person before doing this and the notification is now permanent.

I readded the person recently and had a (2) notification instead of (1). Opening the new chat brought it back down to (1). Sending a message made no difference. It’s not a big deal but it’s annoying as it’s always visible in my tabs when on the website and at the bottom right of my screen.



Definitely agreed. I can sometimes make the notifications go away through the mobile app, but sometimes that also doesn’t work. I kind of wish there was like a Mark as Read button on the chat. Such as how it’s there in the messages system.


Agreed. I have at least 7 That I am unable to clear.


I currenty have 9 unread chats because of this, simply because I haven’t messaged those 9 people that I have added.
I’ve managed to work around reading messages sent to me though via two ways. One is typing a message until it marks it read, then you can just delete your message without sending it. Another way is opening the chat on mobile (but that’s not viable for people who don’t have the app.) Doing the mobile trick used to be the only way to mark blank chats as read, but now that’s not even working.
The fact this bug has been around ever since chats were introduced is beyond me.


I have 8 currently. It started over 10 months ago, when I got the first unread chat. I checked which one it was, and clicked it and still it didn’t go away. I clicked other ones, nothing changed. It kept increasing over and over. I have been ignoring them for looong time. Screenshot_36


After 1.5 years since this bug report was made with multiple people ever since confirming this very bug, it’s still happening as of today. I even found an older bug report seemingly reporting the same issue from 2017 and @nsgriff mentioned this maybe would be fixed with the (back then) ‘changes coming for Android chat’ which later actually might have caused the bug to happen in browsers as well(?).

Please look into and prioritize this - it’s seemingly been 3 years now. Such a necessary feature for communication on the platform should not be experiencing these kind of ‘silly’ bugs.


Yeah, I can confirm. Have about 8 and can’t clear them on the desktop website or the mobile app - it’s starting to really annoy me. I have no new chats but for some reason it keeps saying I have 8 and I don’t know why.


My friend and I recently friended some people and we both have “ghost notifications”. I suspect this is a problem involving “people you’ve recently friended but never actually sent them a message through the website chat” but the other bug (in which you get a ghost notification after receiving a message and you read it) still exists.

Also, there should be clearer indicator to show when a new message is sent like a tiny red/orange dot because the bold text can often be hard to see.


I can easily clear them out by just chatting some spaces and then pressing enter, then deleting them. That’s only with the people that I’ve chatted to in Roblox.

Can’t get rid of the “new friends” notifications without having to chat with them.


How do I use this? I just want to get rid of thse 56 notifications!


I can confirm that this happens, it is very annoying. There is also another annoying behavior where it gives you a notification whenever you send a message to someone else.

Interesting. Last week, the large majority of garbage notifications went away, but I still have 2 phantom notifications that will never go away.

This is a very curious bug indeed.