Website Player Search not showing me

There are no matches available for “coexperience”

Whenever I (or somebody else) try to search for my (exact) username it returns no results. I cannot seem to replicate this with other players.

am i a ghost? is this a dream? is there a glitch in the matrix?


It’s cause of the filter. Since there’s so many automatically and intentionally created accounts with inappropriate usernames, anything involving the search is filtered and will not show up due to.


This does not appear to be related to the filter as his username would be filtered in the search bar if that was the case.


This is still an issue. It looks like it’s occurring on the API level:

My past usernames also don’t work — is this a kind of shadow ban?


This is still an issue, over a month later.

I cannot be paid because of this issue. I am in the group, yet I seem to not exist to the API.


Same here. Not sure what to do but just wait

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Hi! If you’re having this issue (an unmoderated query for your username displaying results that do not contain your profile), please fill out a cs support form and that team will be able to assist you. You can mention flushing the user cache to help with the request.


Hi, thanks for the response.

I was able to resolve the issue by changing my profile description; it seems that it didn’t like my description being just U+17B5.


thank you so much, helped alot.

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This is the solution. Roblox needs to fix this.


Update: Included a fallback to ensure that a direct match is always showing for a valid user. This should no longer be an issue :partying_face:


Apologies for reviving this thread, but I am still having this issue - even though the search query is a direct match.

I am having trouble sending a friend request and adding the relevant profile as a collaborator to my game:

Despite the fact that the profile definitely exists:

I don’t know for how long has it been, but my profile also doesn’t pop up when someone searches my username. Is there anything I can do to fix that?


Oh thank you for the reply, but I already found a post about this and all I really had to do is change my Roblox profile’s About page. (I basically just added a random letter and then removed it)

Going to lock this since it is solved

For future readers, please follow the instructions @BitwiseAndrea posted above