What Admin Should I Use?

Here’s the actual website if the #resources:community-resources link didn’t work: https://eryn.io/Cmdr/


I’m gonna ask at a higher level why your game (or any game) actually needs admin commands. To me they’re just a relic of an older Roblox

Basically just for moderation. I was kinda thinking of creating my own admin to do something like Jailbreak were you get caged.

I recommend using MakerModelLua's admin commands - it’s always been open sourced to the public and I personally trust it, but I agree that creating your own script would be for the better.

The admin system I prefer to use is Simple Admin as it’s easy to setup, it’s perfect for moderating games, it has a package system so anybody can make packages that modify the module, an easy way to request features to be added into the main module, and stays out of the way for people who aren’t admins and wouldn’t use it.

I would recommend you use SimpleAdmin. It’s open source, updated weekly, and community driven. It’s also made to be flexible, featuring a custom class-based UI kit and a package system that’s really easy to use. If you’re really interested, you can look into using SimpleAdmin Pro. It lets you control your game from a Discord bot and lets you access your game from a custom API.

You can let me know if you have any questions about the system and I’ll help you out.

The best Admins are Simple Admin and CmDr.

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