What are we going to do with the Development Discussion Category?

How is it roblox’s fault? You can’t force anyone to read the rules without manual checking that makes no sense, which roblox does not have enough resources to do, and isn’t possible on the devforum. The fault is on the people who post it who didn’t read the guidelines, and it’s even shown by discobot when you first complete a tutorial of the devforum.

As a member who has been guilty of posting irrelevant things in development discussion, I think It’d be really helpful to go more in depth of what should be posted in it.

Before posting I made sure to read the pinned message and this is what it said:

"For discussing any and all topics related to development on Roblox.

Please use the Help and Feedback 313 category if you want to have a particular development issue solved, rather than starting a discussion.

Who can post here?
All members of the forum can create topics in this category and reply to topics.
Visitors can see all the contents of this category."

now this is extremely broad, what I get from this in terms of rules is that

  1. discussion is about development only
  2. if you have an issue that needs to be solved, go to help and feedback

from this info, let’s go over the topics that you claimed that ruined the devfourm
(I agree 100% that these posts are low effort and have no place in the discussion category, but for arguments sake, just hear me out)
1st link:
is it about development? yes
is it asking for help? no
belongs in dev discussion
2nd link:
is it about development? yes
is it asking for help? no
belongs in dev discussion
3rd link:
is it about development? yes
is it asking for help? yes
does not belong in development discussion - belongs in help and feedback

For people who do read the rules and try to abide by them, these rules are extremely vague, by adding more rules and being specific with them we could possibly reduce the amount of low quality posts in development discussion.

Also I’m all for making it regular and adding post approval again, but it might have a massive toll on the staff team :>

I’d hate to say it but there are way to many low quality posts in that sub-forum. I think it needs to be regulars only again. No offence to members.

all made in under 2 hours… can’t wait for more. Just make it regular only for goodness sake I’m sick of the development discussion category getting trashed everyday.

At this point we just gotta have to get used to the new types of topics🤷 until something is done. The ratio of offtopic topics is increasing so much there’s no point in flagging anymore since it’s going to happen again and again. More people are thinking it’s acceptable to post there, since they just joined and all they see in discussion is these types of topics, so in return they start posting these type of topics. Oh yah and then the next ‘generation’ of forum users do the same from those people.

And then they get 1000’s of views and bunch of replies, while high quality posts have to suck ass.

Pardon my frustration.

Oh and not to mention, just for some (:heart:) and (:poop:)

Honestly at this point, you might as well create a crappy post just to get a discussion.

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I think removing #development-discussion will do new members can’t start a discussion, ask a simple question, or have other category that all the category are integrated for a discussion, question, etc, maybe doing a new category, but I don’t think removing it will solve the problem.

Well it’s started to get to the point we all feared — raiding. The category should 100% be restricted to regulars to post and members to reply.

I know this could happen anywhere but dev discussion is a lot more frequently checked by devforum members.



If it’s restricted to regulars, then members aren’t going to be able to post topics. That means that there’s no problem.

Development discussion doesn’t determine becoming a regular (I believe). PA replacements will come sooner so no need to worry about not being able to become regular :slight_smile:

Members can discuss by replying within those topics, created by regulars, so more likely to be quality topics. If I understand your point right, development discussion should be open to everyone? It was once regular only according to peeps and it was in a more productive and useful environment, you can see how it’s now when it includes members as well.

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Y’know, the place to get a good community standing to get Regular is just by being active in a support category and maybe making some resources.

h o w

I said that members should still be able to reply.

That’s exactly the problem we’re trying to solve…?

I don’t really understand your post and I frankly find it not that researched. There’s an absurd amount of cases, especially in #development-discussion, that are off-topic.

I am really sorry for what i said :confused:
I was mad at something at the time, sorry for the confusion!

Making it regular only is an extremely backwards move assuming that the process of becoming a regular remains the same.
Currently, regular status means absolutely nothing about development ability. All it means is that you’re very active on the forum for a very long time, or were lucky enough to have been accepted back in the day when applications were a thing.
Basically, you believe that the best way of making sure the category isn’t full of off-topic content is to restrict it only to those that went through the hell necessary to become a forum regular. So what, if you’re not a regular but have a question that wasn’t asked before, you have to go ask someone to post it for you? This is like cutting off a limb to prevent a bee’s venom from spreading.
There are way better ways of doing this that don’t involve regular-only restrictions, like imposing filters that allow you to only see regular posts if it bothers you so much. Either way, Roblox strives to make the devforum more available rather than less, so there is no chance of a restriction being placed regardless.

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Maybe add certain requirements that you can complete in other categories, to then, be able to use #development-discussion. And knowledge on what the category we’re talking about is supposed to achieve.

Though, I’ll leave this here, which is probably one of the things we’d look for.

Nobody said being a regular means you are a better developer, it means you are trusted with more posting permissions. It has become extremely clear the majority of tl1 users aren’t using the category correctly, and trust level just shows “you aren’t trusted with all the permissions yet

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Trust level should have no bearing for what you can say. This is needlessly restrictive and will dissuade developers from associating with the devforum seriously, which is the opposite of Roblox’s goal.
Once again, a simple filter will solve this issue completely without bullying the majority of the website’s userbase. Why would this restriction prove to be better than an optional filter?

Still, your breaking the rules.

By calling out someone is against the rules.

1.1 Personal attacks are when something negative is said about a person, rather than said about their behavior or their work. Even if the negative statement is true, personal attacks are not allowed here. Stick to posting constructive criticism about a person’s behavior or work.

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Please read these, it is explained there. Devrel is supposed to have brought in an approval system, so tl1 users can go through that. We don’t need to completely lock tl1 users without any kind of way for them to post topics in #development-discussion but an approval system is absolutely necessary otherwise there is chaos. Literally the majority of users are unhappy, so that shows a lot.

That is most likely false because the majority of the users are those who contribute to the problem. Regulars and members who see the issue are the minority. You have no proof to back this up anyway, which works with the fact that this post has only 660 views.

You ignore the question I asked you in the reply you’re apparently replying to: why would this restriction prove to be better than an optional filter? Please explain in detail how.

Where is your proof that regulars and members who see the issue are a minority? Have a look at several topics.



Signal-to-noise ratio increases, everyone is happy. Once the approval system is in bad topics will be filtered out, everyone is happy x2. The problem with this change is it is expecting members to be perfect from day one, that is extremely unrealistic. Some kind of approval process is absolutely necessary like i said, and in this process tl1 users can be taught how to use the category correctly, which benefits them too.

An optional filter in my opinion would be abused and bypassed easily to my circumstances as many filters on the forum and on websites get easily bypassed as usual. I’ve seen it happen on the Developer Forum and on other forums/websites like on Roblox, a restriction would reduce the low-quality topics in Developer Discussion and we’ll have more high-quality topics than what we are seeing now.

With the “unhappy” users and the majority of them who contribute to the problem, @incapaz already solved that answer and to me, a lot of members and regulars are just done with the low-quality and what type of questions are being asked that were already answered before.

With the topic itself, I’ll be useful and helpful to members and regulars to make high-quality topics and replies across the forum on #development-discussion and useful questions that will be beneficial to us and anyone here when making it regular only.