What are you working on currently? [2016]

You can fix your current one with like 15 minutes of effort per map. It’d make for some even more awesome gameplay.

Is there a particular way that you’re thinking of that would help it?

For the town and city map you could pile up large walls of debris to cover certain areas. Cover one of the wall holes so that the only way through is by the building windows or by going around. I’d also close one of the ways in to that center map yard type thing.

For the dinosaur excavation map I’d make a few more walls and make some of the cover larger as well as add some new small cover. It’ll make SMG/Shotgun gameplay more fun yet still allow for those giant lines of sight for snipers.

For the giant open map you could use those hexagon walk type things to make some walls at the center of the map. Kind of like a circle within a circle. You could also use it to create a few walls between the rim if the map and the center. I’d also cover at least two areas on the rim of the map so that you can’t get around the entire map so easily by going through the edges. COD does this by making the easiest way around maps the most dangerous but rewarding.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try and make sure this next map I’m currently working on has some smaller areas and once it’s done I’ll work on improving the current maps.

Make sure you don’t make the mistake the developers of Phantom Forces made. Don’t just throw a crapton of “things” that vaguely fit with the map’s theme and spam them all over the place with no purpose except for cover. It looks very messy and pointless. If you do add walls or cover areas, make sure these appear to have some purpose, rather than just being there for the sake of being there.

(Also, PF devs, if you’re reading this, fix the “City Mall” map. The random color all over the place makes it look like an odd circus)

Depending on what type of map you have (CQC, Long-range sniping, etc.), it’s also good to leave open choke point areas, in which paths from different opposing spawns meet.

Thanks to @Zomebody all you need is here:

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I really don’t like that post.

He FPS maps for loleris turned out extremely unfair.

They turned out that way because he was making heavily-asymmetric maps. The points he makes that are not asymmetric-specific are good points.

While I don’t particularly like the maps he has made (I’m talking purely aesthetics, the effort of building/style) I agree that asymmetric maps can work really well for a lot of very popular games. You almost don’t see symmetry any more except perhaps from something like Halo, which I haven’t followed since 343 acquired it.

Finally got around to adding more to my showcase:


Flawless addition.

Click to play if it doesn’t work:




There’s a slightly out of date version on my profile. It’s going to be updated with create-a-class (including this thermal scope) within the next few days.

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I decided to have fun with this. I came up with this.


I can see that’s origin parts rotating slightly. But how did you make it do such a smooth transition, it looks like it slows down and speeds up in rotation :o

dear lord that’s pretty. sorta looks like a ghost/spirit/spell thing.

there has to be a fantasy game somewhere that can somehow put this to good use COUGH COUGH@CrykeeCOUGH

Or me :wink:

What’s it’s rate though? I mean I’d definitely use more particles in this way if there weren’t performance issues. But it does look pretty awesomee…

But everything he mentioned is reliable information. It’s not bad info is it?