What are you working on currently? [2016]

Animated texture water! (Gif not included)
Actually pulled the textures from my old RoCraft resource pack I was working on. Separating 25 textures from a spritesheet wasn’t fun.

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The armor is looking hotter with this face and hair strands hue.


This should be interesting…


BoxHandleAdornments work really well for stuff like that

Set zindex to 0+ and alwaysontop to true


which gametest is that on

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I’ve been waiting for this. It’ll be great to use in my new project.

Don’t you guys want to sit back and relax here after so many hours of development? :slight_smile:


I need a place to relax my eyes.


Mother of sweet apple pie, thats a ton better in performance… Add it with a mixture of blur and you go some pretty neato stuff:


That looks awesome :smiley: Reminds me of an episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror


Sorry if this is a noob’y question, but what is gametest?

Here are all the gametest links

Its where roblox tests new features coming to roblox. People can create accounts and try out these upcoming features if they want to. I thought that’s how you were able to show that pic of the new lighting filters?

It seems I don’t have access to some of those game tests; the first one seems like an older version of Roblox studio?

The picture is a screenshot of some post processing effects I tried to implement into Roblox studio. I’ll upload a video later since I’m having trouble uploading a video at the moment without it being a sad 144p, not to mention it’s rather buggy at the moment :sob:. Though I hope Roblox will add new post processing effects like those at some point.

Ruh roh Not sure why that happened ANYWAYS!

OnTopic: Which GameTest were you able to test the new features?

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I was able to get my code “hyper-optimized”, so I can handle around 40 Humanoids on screen at once.


How are you guys getting such low results!?

I managed to get 24 19-part characters running at 60fps in Kinetic Code before I made a new system. I’m not trying to insult you it’s just that those stats seem very low for something so simple.

OffTopic:RIP our toasters but long live your nuclear powered computer you MONSTER!!

OnTopic I am still trying to find out which gametest this is one >_> HELLPPPPPPP

Was working to release a new BlockOps package of updates (like… a Lot) but I decided it would be best to go ahead and restructure and rewrite the entire system to be ultra-optimized, which would only prove to allow me to add more features and a smoother experience for every player, will see you guys in the first showing :slight_smile:

That question should be more directed towards clone, who is much smarter with maths then I! (Else I wouldn’t bug you or weeve so much for maths related help!)

Also no offense taken, I know my CFrames are slow and could be much faster if I studied (and throughfully understood) the CFrame matrix/components and did pre-optomizations like local CF = CFrame.new() but eh thats not how I code.


Damnit sticky control key, another prematurely posted post. -.-

(cc @maplestick 4 update)

Since I rewrote Fury into a much more efficient and robust framework for my zombie game, I realized the version I was using for BlendBlox was soooo outdated and embarrassing in coding that I decided to swap out the versions, however doing so broke all of BlendBlox (gg me) so I’m now re-writing Blendblox into a much more organized and modular format. (^w^(

And with some help from MyCheeze it’ll have a color wheel for selecting BrickColors and editing the Color3’s of decals/textures (whenever that comes about) and at a later date I will possibly be adding the ability to create single image’d SurfaceGuis so the color wheel has some more use.

That’s a really good mindset but it’s also very slow. I’ve rewritten KC like 4 times by now - either as full rewrites form the ground up or just taking different portions of it at different times. It’s very very slow but it’s worth it in my opinion.