What are you working on currently? [2016]

finally, A gameplay mechanic.

it’s not much but…


Also, i modeled an Axe


Aircraft Hangar
Inspired by the hangar in the WarThunder main menu. I wanted a hangar to put my aircraft in, so I built this. I’m hoping to eventually build an Avro Lancaster and B29 Superfortress, because those would be dream additions to my collection. Currently I’ve got an F86 Sabre and a Mig-15. Looks like I’ll need to build more aircraft now to fill it up…

And yes, the doors open with a buzzing sound


damn… that’s much better than mine from a few years ago…




Audio-visually appealing. I look forward to this greatly.

I can finally make the Metal Gear game I’ve been trying to make since 2013.
I think thats exactly how they animated the talking in this;


(Animated) Gui particles!


Still a work in progress but this is what I got so far. :slight_smile:



Nice. Was it difficult to get the trees to fall like trees?

What a coincidence how you made this too, when I made a particle emitter system for UI last week :stuck_out_tongue:


<3 sprites


not really. all it does is weld all the leaves to the trunk, then unanchors it so it falls over.
because of how uneven the leaves are, and the terrain the trees are on, it’s extremely unlikely it won’t fall (but still possible)

earlier versions were… interesting to say the least.

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Haha yeah, I’ve seen that problem too before. I’ve also had problems with the trees sliding down hills and the trees bouncing when hitting the ground.

Do you still have that issue now that we can configure material properties (density, elasticity, etc)?

Also, for trees standing still, you could potentially insert a BodyThrust into the trunk based on the direction it was cut to ensure it always falls over.

I would imagine that I could make hacky tweeks so that it does not bounce, but the real problem is that we are not simulating the softness and compactability of the foliage.

I’ve never had problems with the tree staying standing up. Sounds like an easy problem to solve.

That would be an interesting feature. Realistically it’s not the foliage which is compacting but the branches the leaves are on snapping and whatnot. I think it’d be really cool to have maybe a constraint which acted like a regular weld under normal conditions, but when a certain amount of force was applied to it, it snapped. It could be a subclass of Ball-and-socket/hinge constraints or we could have a stiffness property for them. When force is < stiffness, Part1 doesn’t move. When force becomes > stiffness, it starts to move. It would return to normal when the force stopped being exerted, but we could maybe listen to an event and when it snapped we could set stiffness to 0 so that it was permanently snapped, or even destroy the constraint so that the branch fell off.

Finally perfected recoil

sarcasm heavily implied


I haven’t had too much trouble with sliding down hills…
mostly because it doesn’t get too hilly(Tiny character in the middle for scale).

as for the bouncing, i did leave a little bit of elasticity, just so you don’t get fallclunk and have it stop

Glue does this iirc

It doesn’t look like it based off of it’s API page. I think you’re right that Glue joints are stretchy, but it’s a predefined amount that can’t be configured.

ladders can be pretty dangerous