What are you working on currently? [2016]

I tried dividing my thing in triangular sections, which worked a bit:

Until you get closer/further to/from the door, then the sections start to be too wide/narrow.
(or the problem was I only tested moving closer to the door, but not parallel… one of the two)
I would almost have to be sure a player('s camera) will be less than X studs from the door.
(I gave up, while I had only done the horizontal plane for now. Doing vertical too… eh…)

EDIT: What I didn’t draw, is that when you get too far away, you can see triangular sections both inside and outside the doorframe, which is very… bad

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I get a slight feel of Metroid from that. :smiley:

It’s from Elite Dangerous


No. It’s not the final official body parts. It’s a test.


Please, please, please mold all limb connections for organic packages into spheres so that joint cracks are minimal like in LeitrisArcade’s characters. The more polys that can be allotted to the limb connections the better as well because it makes the connection smoother, hiding the cracks even further.




Thanks for clearing that up Echo! :slight_smile:

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I wish :frowning:

Pretty hierarchy

I wish we could get the triangle count of MeshParts in-game so I could have a real-time polygon count somewhere…

EDIT: Is there anyway to fix the broken spoiler?

Did you make sure to add a closing spoiler tag?

<summary>Pretty hierarchy</summary>
--^ this


i’ve had trouble with the details tag…

Working on new proportions. Exported/Re-uploaded all the meshes to have proper rotation (I have no idea how to use blender and my mesh guys are sleeping). This now let’s me remove the underlying skeleton in characters (I’m literally cutting the part and joint count in characters by half).

Also this means I have to redo every single animation but I’m kinda okay with that. I now have the chance to properly proportion my character models to human-form (before I just used a ruler and roughly estimated my own body’s limb dimensions relative to each other).

I’m also kinda excited about this because I have to re-animate all the guns anyways (new animation method for much better gun/hand gestures). I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while now: angle the shoulder back further so the left arm can reach the end of longer guns/grips.

Started to scale things to human form. Overcompensated in some areas for the purpose of “armor adds thickness”

The most apparent difference between the old and the new is how much more slender the robots are. They’re supposed to look like humans with armor on. I missed a few key details about the human form on my first go such as:

  • The neck actually elevates the head quite high above the shoulders.
  • The neck is almost as thick as the head, wrists reach your hips (this was actually part of my awkward animation style.
  • The arms were stubbier and I didn’t know that. As a result a lot of animations don’t look right).
  • The torso plates have also been shifted to better outline the character’s body and the legs are now longer (but not by too much) than the torso section.
  • And most importantly… the character doesn’t look so flat in some areas and so stubby in others. The head properly ‘pops’ out above the shoulders making it far more distinguished from the rest of the body than before.

Tomorrow I re-rig (ugh) the “new” armor then re-add the palms, knuckles, and fingers.




with newline before the tag



without newline before the tag

Seems like a bug

Bounce around like a moron: https://www.roblox.com/games/525829422/Project

Someday this will be a sequel to Engineers, which is my favorite project of mine ever

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Working on an older project of mine again.

Got the editor working properly now:

Added a few engines, just for fun.

Looks like I made it to space:

Also, I recently added sounds and controller support for flight mode.


Having some lackluster progress converting my game to FE, lmao



Made some significant progress on my new UI this morning, including implementing the Track Data, Score, and Rate Gauge frames

I still have to make the Player Data frame, as well as quite a few fixes for some parts of the UI that don’t work with this version anymore (like the tutorial, which is kinda important)

Edit: Tutorial is fixed; this UI version for Sound Volblox is now live