What are you working on currently? [2016]

Don’t worry; I’m trying to compete with Azure Mines :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was at 1080p60fps but movie maker (yes I know mm is trash lol) only outputs 1080p

My animator hates how keyframes have start/end times so he asked me to remove the end times (the bar). Here’s before (v5.5):

and after (ScriptOn’s Animator v5.6):


Its looking good. You’re actually going the same route my V1 animator plugin is going… just points with now end-to-ends

I honestly wouldn’t have touched it because I like the Old version a lot more than the New version.

He hates it though, so I had to change it :confused:

Overall it’s probably best this way- i mean I don’t know your exact settup, but i’d imagine just setting up frame-points is easier than frame-durations… if you know what I mean?

Maybe. That’s personal preference which is why I had issues in the first place. I built the animator to suit me and my wants/needs.

Then Bluay came along and I had to redo it to work the way he likes.

Why not just add a ‘mode’ for it so you both can use it?

They’re two different formats. I could parse it back and fourth each time but it’s not worth it imo

R15 Character Ragdolls in Garry’s Mod (and some R6 ones)

(featuring Merely, me, Shedletsky, Seranok, RedTopper, UristMcSparks, spotco, Quenty, ROBLOX, PlaceRebuilder, Dawgra, and Beeism)


Man I didn’t read the title and thought this was in Roblox,
I was about to cry tears of beauty

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Man, it would be so cool if roblox were built on Source.

You would be pretty limited, though. Source uses BSP which means dynamic levels are hard to make.

b-but the physics

How are the physics nicer? Because they’re not elastic like ROBLOX’s? You can change the elasticity of parts to make them not bouncy. It’d be really nice if they were significantly less elastic by default though.

ROBLOX physics are unpredictable. Sometimes collisions can lag you out or fling you into the air. They are just not that nice to work with if you want a solid game. For games that don’t involve a whole bunch of movement they are OK but for games such as FPS they aren’t the greatest. Just look at PF and how many times you will fling out of the map on that game due to physics glitches.

Happy holidays!


PF’s collision issues are actually their fault, at least partly. They let ROBLOX physics do their work, but they also use CFrame to rotate the character. When they force the rotation so that the torso is suddenly clipping through a wall or another character, ROBLOX has to adjust and push the character away so it’s no longer clipping.

I’ve never seen any other game with flinging as severe, so I’m pretty sure that’s their fault. As for flinging in general, I know it was an issue in the past, but I haven’t experienced in any games as of late – maybe I’m just not playing the right games though. Rollernauts is heavily physics based for instance, but physics in Rollernauts have been nothing less than superb. There’s the possibility they don’t use ROBLOX physics though – maybe @BLOX31 or @shellc can comment on that.