What are you working on currently? (2018)

This project is quickly coming to a close. I have finished all the outstanding features on the GUI and fixed many bugs. It is one of, if not the most, advanced diesel locomotive chassis on Roblox. I’ve tested this chassis on a different railroad and it is loads more fun than the A-Unit Update chassis or the old vehicle seats.

I’ve streamlined some features that have been added to recent iterations of the A-Unit Update chassis, such as the camera button and the delete button. I’ve taken the delete button one step further and given players the ability to delete an entire train all at once.

Next up is to simplify the chassis for rolling stock, release the diesel and rolling stock chassis, then turn my sights on the big fish: steam locomotive simulation.


:open_mouth: Genius! Can the code be open-sourced?

Doing some experimenting with Blender and texturing. As in, I’m learning more. If you have any tips, let me know.


I think you nailed it!


Was that pun intended? But thank you.

This is some boss fight cutscene I was working on April 2017 because of another cutscene I saw featuring Polyhex. Just found the video again now so figured I’d post it since i’ve kept it to myself since.


Pun? W-what pun? There aren’t here puns here! Just a genuine old fashioned compliment! Haha…ha…


Dude you got talent.

@Lilly_S :shushing_face:

Making a carrier map in Aegis Beta soon and have to have planes land and takeoff from it. Using PGS springs I replicated how actual aircraft carriers launch and arrest planes onto the deck.

Also made a full autoland option that will guide the aircraft through an approach pattern and finally land on the deck autonomously.

Try your luck here or watch the autopilot land itself by pressing L:


This is some seriously cool stuff.

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Improved the rain effect I made for Hardboiled City in Egg Hunt 2018 (looks even better in 60Hz). I gave it a proper API too and lots of options that you can tweak to make it look different + transition effects.


Is there anything different from my trail based rain?

It seems pretty different to me, yes. I don’t like sparse rain effects or simulating individual raindrops too much myself. (I don’t use any Trails)

EDIT: This also works with any kind of (moving and static) geometry without manual setup needed

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Any eta on release? This looks super cool. You’re open sourcing it right?

Was going to make something similar for my project’s weather system but I’m on a tight time schedule so this would help out so much

Updates on Bonanza! a lot of clothing “non textured”


I’m really in need of a rain system that can outline structures like this! How did you do this?

@Smellysuperfart made something very similar. He used particles’ ZOffset and appropriately changed it depending on the environment.
He even made it open-source for a limited time.

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An accurate remake of Hallow’s Eve 2014 with badges.
Link if anyone’s interested!

Massive new update on Pocket Pirates. Redid the placement system, polished a ton, changed rarity values, fixed a ton of bugs, added room for 2 more players, optimized the h*eck out of it, finished(ish) the intro screen, and a lot of little UX/UI improvements, made rockets 25% faster, and made boats travel 25% faster in general.

Edit: Been playing for the past 5 hours. @sircfenner & I managed to create a self-stabilizing heli out of some very primitive parts!




On my christian minecraft server?! Blasphemy I tell you!

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