What are you working on currently? (2020)


Added some particle effects and am making some final tweaks with these spells before green lighting the rest of them to make it perfect!
Additionally, there is now cooldowns in the toolbar for a spell that is cast!

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My and my friend have been working on this game, about a person (Player) Who’s house is hit by a meteor and they find this goo and hide it, you go on adventures finding out what it is, ending in a break into a Top Secret Government Facility, where the Boss has been consuming the goo and has became the final boss.

Please ignore the people they are for a cutscean



Sorry about the double image. I double clicked paste

Some pistol based off glock which kinda messed up


I’m making a showcase of a house, right now I have flowers, a door, and a fireplace. This is supposed to be a more blocky showcase.

No free models used.


you should definitely add some alternating noise textures to the nods, nice touch that they did in sandstorm that adds to the realism.

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it’s on roadmap but i’m too lazy to write a python script to make me an image of that OR spend millenia searching for a stock photo of that specific type of grain

use photoshop or gimp, generate noise on a transparent background

prob a few tutorials online

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Currently Working on a Smart Obby Here is a preview of the lobby/starting area and the UI


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Today I got a plethora of things done, including some more optimizations to the current spells, as well as two additions! Icicle and teleport are the two new spells. Super excited with the progress today.

Along with that, I also added body movement at the waist and neck, added safe zone and notifications for entering/exiting one, and cooldowns for spells!


This looks amazing, well done.

I’m left without words.


The Sakura Tree. A short, 19 second, 8-bit song.



Lobby for an upcoming RPG game


Woah, what is it called? (30 characters)

Soul Online.
Here’s the link of the game


the chat i made back in february was AWFUL. it was written as if i didn’t know tables existed, so here’s a redo. might even add bold text if i feel like it.

It’s also the first time part of my code will be partially deprecated as the way messages are sent has changed too! how nice.


Today is day 9 of my challenge to make a game prototype in 2 weeks. So far I have some dungeon generation, enemies, a gun, and a top-down camera. It’s pretty basic right now but I have lots of ideas for the game.


More custom material work.


Made another song called “Kyle.”

This one’s a little more upbeat. :smiley:


Today was a little more productive than the usual so here’s the changelog:

  • You can now switch the run control between Ctrl and Shift on the settings menu.
    image image
  • A barrier prototype has been made (it can shrink in size, a timer can be set for the tweening, its color changes if the size is equal or less than 100 and the barrier slowly gets transparent when the size is set lower or equal to 0).
  • Players can no longer breathe normally at the basalt biome, resulting in oxygen loss just like underwater.
  • Fixed bug that caused running animation to keep running even when the player is not moving while the run trigger is pressed.
  • Running no longer consumes stamina if you’re not moving at all while pressing the run trigger.
  • The original “Open Inventory” keybind is now synced with the custom inventory.
  • Players now produce particles behind them while running.
  • Fixed bug that caused the running trigger to become inverted due to lag (running when not pressed, walking when pressed).