What are you working on currently? (2021)

I’m currently learning blender. Everything here was made in it.


I absolutely LOVE this!! I would buy it if it got published, please tell me if it does(link it :slight_smile:


ive cut myself worse when i tried to get a print off of the printbed

used a knife
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no pain tho

well im still alive


2208 tris for a head accessory? Goodness, you’re going to want to optimize that a LOT.

Looks really good though.

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jesus chri~ please reduce the tris and vertices

that is very optimized. what are you talking about? the limit for UGC models is 1200 vertices and 4000 tris. my model fits these requirements - in fact is far below them. do you have experience with modeling? You will see most models falling in this range. i am very confused.


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You are aware that 2200 tris is an absurdly large poly count for a small head accessory, right? I like the attention to detail, but man, maybe consider lowering the poly count it’s too much imo.

i agree with @A_SquaredAnimations
it is wreath with lights on the head, you could decimate it and optimize it quite a bit, without losing the look.


as far am aware you have little to no modeling experience so i have to take your opinion with a grain of salt. my model fits the limits provided by roblox themselves. i have observed on roblox that many models fall in this range. i can look into furthing optimizing it, but taking off 500 triangles or so will not greatly effect framerate/optimization enough to even be worth it.

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Learnt a lot so far.

All that’s left to model are the roof tiles then time to texture it…


Actually, it would on mobile devices. As far as I’m aware on rendering on mobile devices, faces that are tightly packed together in a small section of the screen will greatly increase the rendering time compared to the same number of faces spread apart.

So, a thousand faces in 30x30 (arbitrary number) pixel area of the screen will render much slower compared to a thousand faces in a 1000x1000 (again, arbitrary) pixel area.

As most mobile players are not zoomed in on their hats, this hat would significantly reduce performance for them. You can reduce the polygon count without sacrificing much detail, as that detail wouldn’t be noticed most of the time. You can make it even less noticeable with correct shading.

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true, but decimating it too much does deform it. i will have to manually do it

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roblox must be running awful for people on mobile, most UGC creators are pushing the limits on their models.

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Currently working on a VR horror game for Roblox. I put together a teaser trailer for anyone who is interested. Expect to see this game release sometime next year!

Roblox VR Horror Game Teaser Trailer - YouTube




Some details of my latest simulator:


A big update on my desert oasis.
Working on rigging and animating my 1st turret. Also new landscape features are slowly being added.

Added a few new friends. Currently rigged and in the progress of being animated.


A couple of sword Commissions, conceptual design by others. Renders + uploads to studio


I’m currently working on a third person (shooter) tech demo inspired by Gears Of War (1, and a bit of 3).


Tiling is a real pain man… Need help with tiling roof


that is your free model, wacha gonna do 'bout it