What are you working on currently? (2021)

Whisperbit, a massive multiplayer RPG with procedurally generated world

We might possibly have the biggest world on the entire Roblox platform.
World of Magic ain’t got nothing on us!

Correction: we had possibly the biggest world. Procedural generation is cool, but it’s not as good as hand made. Also, Whisperbit is being put on the backburner bcuz of how ambitious it is


Happy new year! Cheers to 2021.

2020 was a wild ride. Over the course of the past year I continued to create environments using smooth terrain while trying to expand my skill set past just that, dabbling in electronic art, chiptune music, and building in studio.

Let’s start off with smooth terrain:

Continuing with some art.

And some music.

And some building in studio!

Okay, that’s about it. Let 2021 begin!


This year, I’ll mostly be focusing on improving my building skills making them much better than it already is and I will be learning blender since it’ll be helping me by A LOT once I know how it works and what to do.

With all of this, my goal is to make a much better showcase once I manage to master all of these.


Looks real cool, giving me MK8, MKWii and MKDD vibes in the first 20 seconds!


I am currently working on a core game thing, it will be a game with a ‘lightmatter’ reactor. You will be able to blow it up tho.

Current alarm lights: (2 modes)

I have made a group for it, heres the link if you want it: The group.


My team and I are finishing the lobby for our twist on the murder game genre. We’ve completed three maps, and our scripter will begin to code soon!


Mainly looking to get a MKWii and MKDD feel. Maybe even a little bit of DS with the way the drift works, but I personally love the chaotic physics of DD and also the general vibe of Wii. If you like any of those games, I think my game will be fun for you.


Updated subway

Portfolio: Crazed | Experienced Builder - Collaboration / Portfolios - DevForum | Roblox


Also looking at this preview video, I’m happy that the controller controls are basically the exact same as MK8 but with Double Dash item swapping added. Keyboard ones are a bit strange, I would of preferred to use E to throw an item forwards and Q to throw it backwards.


currently working on some sort of singleplayer game that’s like a story, and have only finished the main menu so far. i’m currently working on this, house that the player is in when they start the game. all of this, done by me.

note about the name on top: the name of the game hasn’t been decided, so i’m just leaving it as creation until i get an idea of what name i want the game to be.


Hiya, I’ve started work on GFX. I have created three of them, and my favourite is my first or third.

This was my first GFX, and it was made before I changed my username.

This was my second GFX, and it was made for my friend, CaptainCru_uxy. Some of you may realise that this is a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reference. I followed what he wanted, including things for the background. The model of the stand behind him is his creation. I used Boatbomber’s background for the GFX.

This is my most recent GFX, a remake of the previous one, featuring the same stand. This time I added a space-like background, and an aura for the stand & stand user. The quote is also a reference to the original stand user of C-Moon, the stand.
I’ll be improving on my skills soon, mainly in lighting & backgrounds.
That’s all for now, thank you for reading, and happy new year! :smile:


Warm Summit



We went back and forth on controls for quite a while. Initially, I had the arrow keys mapped as a joystick/dpad equivalent, so to throw items forwards or backwards you would hold up or down arrow while pressing the item button (or you could press the button without either direction, which would mean the item gets thrown in a default direction–which is different depending on the item).

People didn’t like having to use the arrow keys because people are used to WASD, some people had really small and bad arrow keys (laptop keyboards), so we ended up switching to WASD. Only problem is, when people use WASD for car controls, they expect W to be accelerate and S to be deccelerate/brake/reverse. So obviously we don’t want accel/deccel to be also mapped to the item direction (since you always hold W to drive), which is why we settled on space and lshift.

Q and E could work, but I prefer space and lshift simply because when you use WASD, normally you use your 3 middle fingers rested on W A and D, leaving the thumb and pinky to use space and lshift. With Q and E, you have to move one of your WASD fingers off of WASD temporarily when using items, which isn’t great.

Oh by the way, controls are fully remappable on keyboard and controller (and I’ll probably have a few control configuration presets for mobile). So yeah xD


That’s a great move! I can see this game being a hit, I’m going to pop you a DM about promotion of the game if your interested in a moment.


Working on a Dragon Ball game, trying my absolute HARDEST not to make it just another Dragon Ball Rage copy, where you just unlock forms and attacks by punching the air


Currently working on a 3D Factory/Exploration game similar to Factorio, with custom movement sounds, physical and camera movement similar to just cause 4

Just cause 4 gameplay for example

Probably wont go very far, but its worth a shot.


Made a street area thing similar to GTA’s own system to start out the new year, courtesy of Zone+


Compared to what everyone else has created throughout the year I plan on working on my game. It’s a fairly odd game not much to do currently but the concept is fairly strange I suppose.

You pretty much run around doing quest (Not currently cause I haven’t done it yet.) and earn cash.
If you want to give some feedback heres the Link


same :smile_cat: here’s the SVG version lol


I’m working on a build to survive game where you build to prepare for natural disasters, and you can spend your coins you earn to buy pets or effects





Game link: Disaster Defense 🔨 - Roblox