What are you working on currently? (2021)

How the heck do you take such good screenshots?! I suck at those.


Thats a thick boy right there! Looks nice

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Continuing by travel at Blender Lands, today, after 1 week of learning, I rigged a dinosaur lol.

It looks horrible, I know, but I’m very proud of it.

I also modeled the pine tree and the rocks :wink:

I was inspired by @DoctorFlipper’s ridiculously awesome works of art created in Powerpoint (see here), and decided to create my own in Google Slides! Though it is nowhere near as amazing as his, I do think it came out rather nice for a first time!


As lead of Virtual Valley Games I landed a very special music crossover event that has landed press coverage in the music industry. If you’re curious, our group got this opportunity via our Instagram presence.

“Titanic Risen” was released within Roblox Titanic 1/12/21. It’s an addition to the Titanic Rising album currently out (2019). In Roblox Titanic there is a virtual room where you can hangout and listen to the music. You can also listen to the music while playing on the ship. You can see what other people are listening to as well!

Room built by @Mistertitanic44 in conjunction with @Inyo22 (Jukebox)

Virtual Room vs Album Cover

Virtual Valley Game’s Instagram Post:

Weyes Blood’s Instagram Post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ9FkkEh0ro/

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgPRnIVWFhQ
(Filmed by Jesse Gillett)

Press Coverage:

Weyes Blood’s Unreleased ’Titanic Risen’ Song Is On A ’Roblox’ Game’

Weyes Blood shares ‘Titanic Rising’ outtake as part of Roblox game

Weyes Blood Drops ‘Titanic Rising’ Outtake Through ‘Roblox’

Weyes Blood Has a New Song in Roblox Titanic Video Game

The event is live


I used freeform shape tool for more details


I tried freeform shape at first, but clearly I do not have the pure skill that you have! However, I did use it for the grass seen in my picture.


I’m not a builder or modeler, but I created these two floating islands as map expansions for my game. Enjoy!

:cherry_blossom: :cloud: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


Working on this droid for my school project!


Wew! Nice builds! Are you taking in commissions? Please direct message me on DevForum. Loving your builds!! It’s so cool!


Here are some really groovy songs that i’ve made in the past couple of days!


Making caves in my game!

The cave system is pretty large. There are many crystals, mushrooms, grass, dead trees, etc in the cave. Some stalactites drip water also, to add extra detail.

There is also lava and water ponds in some parts of the cave.

The deeper you go, the more darker the lighting gets. In these dark depths, there are glow worms and fire flies in the caves. There are also “different type” of caves in levels, like a crystal cave, and a mushroom cave.

Also cave monsters, like a giant lava worm, exist in the cave. Working on the models of those monsters though.

Near Surface:

Crystal Layer:

Deep Down:


Concept idea for health - with difficulty levels for Perilous Portals.


Working on an AI chatbot like Rose the AI!

Here is the game link if you wanted to check it out!


Dang! That is clean! But I’m just wondering is this inspired by Mario kart? If so if you could get three things from the rainbow boxes then that would be very nice and I would defiantly play it to give my output!

Only thing I ask is please OH PLEASE. Don’t tell me this is basically the streets with Ro-Gangsters that are gonna be playing bypassed audios.
If this isnt the case then I will check this out 100%

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There’s no radios

Also when you check this out you’ll see we’re nothing like those games.

It’s more like GTA than a hood game, it’s not even a “hood” game it’s open world.


What is this for?? It looks like a cops and robber type map.

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Chapter-selection screen I am currently designing.


Thank goodness! I saw hood in the name and I instantly panicked hoping that it wasn’t another one of “those” games. But I’m glad it’s not! And I’ll definitely play this!

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