What are you working on currently? (2021)

Really cool! Do you know if it will be released as a game?

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Right now I’m working on a dessert obby complete with chocolate chips cookies:

![RobloxScreenShot20210619_215342941|690x345, 100%]
Some chocolate strawberries:
And some chocolate cake!:

(I’m sorry for the stuff under the pictures I’m not sure what that is since I’m new to Devforum and I don’t know exactly how to upload pictures just yet)


Got started on some very rough first attempts at doing HDR which seems to at least partially fix the large dark areas. I feel like I need to find a good implementation to use to make it look at least somewhat good for real world values and then fix the light parameters to be more realistic as well.

Starting to see some amount of ambient occlusion and global illumination appearing in the final result once HDR is enabled with attempted gamma correction, but the values definitely need tweaking before it looks good. These areas were almost completely dark before, so it looks like HDR was the key to making both of those features possible.

My very first attempt at HDR from a few years ago resulted in very washed out colors, probably because I messed something up horribly with the tone mapping implementation I used.

10 samples and 10 bounces used for all renders

Exposure: 1

However even with washed out colors it seemed to make global illumination visible.

Switching to a fresh implementation with simple Reinhard tone mapping fixed the washed out colors issues, but bright spots weren’t coming into a displayable range very nicely.

I remembered that I was manually converting to a 32 bit int RGBA data type before even running HDR over it so I quickly fixed that and changed it to upload the texture as floats instead. That fixed bright spots rendering weirdly.

Exposure: 0.1

Exposure: 5 (no attempted gamma correction)

Exposure: 5 (with attempted gamma correction)

Exposure: 1

I’ll probably continue experimenting with both HDR and lighting parameters for a while to make something that looks decent, and once I feel confident about the implementation and results I’ll try taking a render of a more detailed map like the one from my previous post. There’s still a lot of work to do, but this is certainly a good start.


He probably just made a script that reacts when the player has their mouse over the block and makes the transparency tween to 1. And also he probably added lots of these blocks, but its still really impressive because its satisfying.

I am working on a skill system, it is like 85% complete so far.
If you have suggestions I would love to hear them, good day.

EDIT: Also the dark yellow and grey color is only there if the skill is level 50, if its 49 or lower it will be white and grey.


This was an attempt at making GFX, and is probably just concept art.

Again, this is just a test and I am experimenting with SurfaceAppearance and meshes in a game. (I did texture and model everything myself, though!)


Is the floor a Texture or some parts? Cause it looks damn realistic.

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made some sort of geography test thing(basically seterra)

(i forgot luxembourg…)
(6/21/21 added luxembourg to the game)

you can play it here


The stones on the sidewalk and street are beveled parts in blender slightly raised to make to give it more depth.

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Awesome! They look amazing. Keep up the great work. <3

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Working on sneak peeks for my game. :zap: Lightning Power Simulator
You can join the discord server of the game in my bio if you are interested. :smirk:
You can also follow me on Twitter if you like my work.


Aw… Okay… Well I can’t wait to see the new games you make!


I wanted to see if I could run through it, you saw nothing, comrade!

:face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


Do you have a game link? :pleading_face:

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What’s so bad about it? :thinking:

A very well-known ‘German symbol’

That is not the Nazi party symbol…

it’s actually on the tail of the plane

I’m working on the UI of Supercharged, a Roblox accelerator project!

Check out the rest of my work here: EGOTISMS: The leading UI/UX Designer [AVAILABLE FOR BRAND DEALS & MORE]