What are you working on currently? (2021)

It is not to offend but you have to be kidding, the Wood library that this guy made inspired by you, also has great details, I saw it, the city of “New York” that he built, not to mention, it may not be the great thing in the buildings, but I love its subway station and Stools, I could go on but returning to the point, the fact that said person does not add the details you expected does not make him a “Bad Builder or a Bad Construction”
As @BigBrothersBlox said before, sometimes people can lose inspiration
My conclusion: A builder who has taken the time to build a lot of things on his own and still be good at what he does, in the future will improve more in terms of details, i could say
And there is no reason to offend, as you are also an amazing builder (@Crazedbrick1) :wink:


Created @voidsar ’s watermark

Hire me here: P4A | Graphic Designer


I basically remade an old futuristic artwork from a year ago, this is the result!



All I did was basically give the new version better textures and lighting, which was enough to give it a more cinematic movie feel!

Comparing the 2 versions was pretty cool while I was working on the newer one, so I decided to post both versions here for everyone to see!

Creating the new version took around 40 to 50 hours, when you include the amount of time taken to make the old version.

Hopefully I can make some more soon!


Woah! That’s really Realistic and cool. I Love the Lighting and Landscape The models Are Really Realistic and well Made. Really good!

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Removed work for personal reasons, sorry.


Well! Good for you! I can’t wait to see your progress.

I learnt how important lighting is…




Currently taking a project that has been WIP for a year+ to a soon playable state! UI done by TheGreatAlexander, building done by DevAhlvie, music by Blastii, programming done by me.



Are You Ready!!!
So i recently(today) did this fighting ring for one of my games called Free Admin

#Studio #roblox #building

Hope its good
I will re color this to pastel coloring

Screenshot 2021-07-14 131627

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Currently working on a classic-style rp game (Heavily inspired by PMEBGE and GRG]

working on it bit by bit everyday lol



Working on updating the map for Roblox Truck Simulator



Isn’t my boy @FIorentius working on The Last Days too? I want to see what he worked on.

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I am looking through this entire topic and looking at every picture… Is this a good idea or a bad idea? or does it even matter???

I have been looking at your work and I am really impressed. My favourite was the human being cooked. You truly are an artist. :art: :kissing_heart: That human was cooked to perfection.

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I love the immersive environment design! Everything is vibrant and colourful!

One little nitpick for the UI is the colour scheme. I’m not especially liking and green colour combo:

There are also consistency issues, such as text that are different sizes, which makes it way harder to read. Headers should be the same size, body text should be the same size, etc:

Otherwise, it’s a pretty good design for the game!


Thanks for the feedback! These are definitely problems to be fixed.

UI isn’t quite polished, but I hadn’t realized the text scaling was as problematic until you pointed that out. Rather than green, what sort of color would you suggest (something else, just keep it red, etc.)?

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I have been working in some cool Gamepasses for my upcoming game, I’m quite proud of what I have so far.