What are you working on currently? (2023)

Iron Alchemist, if you know you know!



After making some edits to its lower torso and hand parts, I decided that my custom character was ready for importing into Roblox Studio! I made sure that all UV maps were correct (and even flipped the left arm and leg’s mappings so they’re consistent with the right ones, something a couple of Roblox’s official bundles didn’t do), then imported all 15 parts into the studio.

After all of that work, seeing the character model floating above my baseplate feels like my reward for completing this task. Check it out for yourself:
:woot:Isn’t it beautiful, in some ways?

Anyways, it isn’t actually finished yet. The last step is to add all of the standard R15 joint attachments to all of the body parts. I didn’t use Roblox’s intended avatar importing feature because I want to ensure that all of them are placed precisely where they need to be. Once that’s done, I’ll write one final post about my character model, probably showcasing classic clothing and how it maps to it as a whole.


I am now presenting you my horrible copy of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

  • The game is still private and being worked on.
  • The truck is based on DAF XF 105.
  • The Service Station currently functions as Gas Station, because I didnt had time to make an original function for the service building.
  • Function to haul with trailers is missing, i will be working on it after making the service building.
  • The UI is based on these games: the Hunter: Call of the Wild, and Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  • Music playing in background in the menu is Rotem Hecht - Main Theme from Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic.
  • The printing will disappear soon.

I’m released my Plugin

Yep it looks a lot better than before! All I hav to say is that the shoulders should be moved down just a tiny bit, like 0.025 studs. But if your don’t want to do that it’s still good.

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managed to get a clearcoat effect using glass (left shoe)

the difference is in the fresnel reflection and specular


Well, it isn’t quite perfect (and looks kind of lanky), but I’ve added the standard R15 joint attachments to my character model, which let me see my creation run around and wear classic clothing!

My experience stretches characters vertically, making them more “slender” than a “standard” one, so that’s why the arms look somewhat unusual. Other than the arms looking weird in my experience’s cute standing animation, it really is exciting to see this sub-project completed.

More screenshots

Unlike its arms, the character’s legs are almost perfectly aligned, bending in an almost seamless way.

Here’s one of the arms, in case anyone wanted to see them in action.


I feel like the neck is a bit off to be honest, maybe try increasing the diameter of the cylinder you used? Doesn’t have the same ‘flow’ that you have with the other joints.

Other than that, good work :+1:

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UGC character

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I love that rig, it is so detailed! I just finished a rig yesterday for my game (it still needs hair and accessories) but take a look:

I tried catching them blinking, but it lasts 0.3 seconds. (I made them blink because normal faces would not work.) I am planning to add more but still, your rig is super detailed and looks amazing.


turned based Strat country building game


Me and my studio are making a single player open-world action adventure game set within Ancient Scandinavia. We’re excited to develop our first project!


Thank you! Your character looks pretty unique, almost like they’re rocks! Did you make your own character model in case Roblox makes those policy updates in the future like I did, or just for fun?


I love the reflections and the fog, looks amazing!

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I’m continuing to work on Guardians: Battle Arena.

Since my last post…

Completed the interactive menu system

Added further characters (now at 17)

Revamped all the in-game icons

As well as:

  • updated the sound system to allow for music to change on different events
  • started using packages to allow for easy updating of 5v5 and single-player experience

Hi, I am working on deus and daus. Deus (lat.the god (here: devloper exploit user security) will be a very powerful, unique anticheat (with 4 main modules (not scripts)(and moderations)). The first version is expected to be visible on
October 26, 2023

Daus (ger. Throw of two eyes in the dice game; card corresponding to the ace in the German card game (here: Devloper and user security) Will include deus, a password system, an advertising system, an overview system and much more.

For reasons of idea theft I will not yet give out more detailed information about the modules (and screenshots).

Parts given values of reflectance greater than 1 or less than 0 gives some pretty trippy effects, so I’m guessing its a combo of that with a space skybox as well as some particles

How’d you get the reflections so crisp?? Is this with a shader mod or did you do some insane trickery to pull it off?