What does it mean if a username in the devforum is grey/dark?

I was reading through some old posts and I saw some where a user’s username was in green.

Why is the username in green?

here is an example:

Can you show an example of this?

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We don’t really know what you’re mentioning about, provide a screenshot of the username or just simply post the links to the post.

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It might be the same for dark theme users, dark grey.

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@Kampfkarren @Operatik

For the sake of decency I have censored part of the usernames and the messages.

You will notice that “Cea” 's username is in green where “dom” 's is not. This has to mean something.

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I’m unsure what you mean by green, do you mean grey?
Grey names, like “Cea” in your screenshot indicates that someone has a trust level of 0, meaning they aren’t able to post on the forums.

Here’s an article by the company who designed the forum we’re using (Discourse) which explains the trust levels. On the devforum we have “Basic” named as “New Member”.

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yep, I’m colour blind.

So was the user banned from devforum or something?

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This user used to be a member at one point, when someone previously was a member and is no longer a member, I think it’s safe to assume one of these three generally:

  1. the user was previously a member but violated the forum rules to the extent of their membership being removed
  2. the user was former Roblox staff, some no longer have posting permissions
  3. the user was terminated and had their posting privellages revoked

I wish not to necrobump, but…

Are you sure? This user was seen three hours ago and they’re already grayed out:
@jackrabbitsz1 https://devforum.roblox.com/t/what-are-some-of-your-bestworst-investments-ever/2654361 this is a relevant link to the topic

They weren’t revoked from being a member (if they were, it would say This user is suspended), they weren’t ever Roblox staff, and they weren’t terminated (their Roblox account is intact).

With that being said, it still remains a mystery to this day. Does anyone know the answer to why the username is dark?

However, the user mentioned has exactly three topics, which is the default limit for TL0 as mentioned above. They also have less than ten replies. This has been reconfigured in the DevForum site; however, it might have special cases where it bugs out.

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A dark name like that just means they’re a visitor/TL0 (at least that’s the most likely explanation)

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That explanation works, up until the point where they have posted replies.

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