What is going on with the roblox client recently?

Hey Developers,

I’ve been getting these Roblox bugs recently some time I don’t know what to do any information would be helpful this has been bugging me since it happened because I can’t make or create in any places and this has been happening to my friend too we are in the Netherlands I don’t know if that’s the problem

Is there anything you tried to fix this issue yourself already? Such as re-installing Roblox Studio or something like that? If not try to, maybe it is as simple as that.

i did, did nothing absolute sad

You can try and message the Bug Support Team they may be able to help you. Make sure to give them all info they need tho. You can find info on how to message the Bug Support with a proper information here. Also include the Dump Files and the Log Files for proper help when messaging them.

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