What is the best 3D modeling software to use?

Hello fellow developers. I need some help on a software that is safe and my computer can handle.

I am using a 2013 windows 10 laptop ( I don’t know anything else about it sorry)

I would usually use roblox studio to build but there are some things I want to build but I cant build. For example a motor cycle for a game I am making.

Any help will be appreciated.


Blender is a great choice. I don’t know if your device supports it though.


My friend told me to try gimp but I don’t know if that could support it or not. I also heard about blender 2.79 but I don’t really know what to do.


Well a good start is to get to know Studio! You can achieve amazing builds just in that. But if you need more, Blender is the next choice. Its free and there are a ton of tutorials everywhere on youtube.


The only concern I have with blender is that it might crash my laptop.

Blender boiiii, its the best one out there

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I want to learn to use blender but I am very concerned that it would crash the laptop. The laptop isn’t even mine its my parents that they are letting me use for now lol

I just answered a similar question less than 30 minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:

In short, I’m sure Blender 2.79 will run fine on even old PCs. It won’t break the PC either, even if Blender can’t run on the PC. Just uninstall it if it doesn’t work.


Personally, I’d recommend blender. It is free and comes with many helpful tools to make your own 3D models. If your laptop isn’t very powerful, it could probably still handle using blender as long as your models are not too detailed, or if you are using an older version of blender like @Aotrou said. There are other 3D modeling programs out there, but some cost money and others are not quite as powerful as blender. However, this is just my opinion. You should do some research and try to find which one you like the best, and choose that.


It may depend on what version you are using and what your PC specs are. Or just generally how good your pc is.

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The laptop is a windows 10 2013

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I don’t remember how to find and how to check what the RAM and CPU is (if that’s needed)

  1. Theres settings, click it

  2. Click on System

  3. scroll down at the left panel and click on “About”

  4. then theres all the details about your CPU and RAM

if u have 4GB or more RAM, blender 2.8 should work decent with low poly to midpoly models (coming frmo my experience when I was working with a 4GB ram crappy laptop a year ago)

It is hard to decide which software is ultimately well, the best. But Blender is a great option, it is isn’t too hard to use, and there are plenty of tutorials on the internet if you need one.

Most 3d modeling software will have a hard time running on your computer

But blender is the overall best choice. It’s free, open source and has most features that its paid competitors have. Blender even has a 2d animation pipeline.

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Thank you I am looking at it right now.

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You can use blender you can do about anything in it and dont worry about performance because I use a 2012 windows 10 laptop too and it works very well like with 0 performance issues

I have 6GB of RAM and a 64 bit operating system. That was all I figured out

Then you wont have to worry about performance since i can run blender very well with 4gb ram

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I’m going to install blender 2.79 just incase I for some reason have performance issues.

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