What site should i use to make a gun model other than blender?

Ok so I want to make a gun model, but I dont wanna use blender. What do I use to make it?

There is a lot of 3d modeling sites

If you don’t want any 3d modeling sites, roblox studio.


are any able to work on chromebook, and are any of them free?

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i mean you can check the list for your self and see

how would i upload them onto my roblox game?

you make the model, save it as a obj, then insert it as a mesh part. just search it up on youtube

ok. Which one do you use out of these?

i use blender but you said you don’t want to use it

is there a free version of blender?

blender is always free lmao you dont have to pay for blender


Blender is free on steam…

I went to blender and it said…

why would you download blender from steam?

@SmokiesOnForTwenty Download — blender.org

well I already had it installed on steam so…

ok but the actual, official website is better to download it from

whats the diffrence between the steam version and from the website?

I don’t know i’ve never download it from steam, but it’s safer and better since it’s the actual and official blender website, now we can talk in dms instead since this is not the what the OP is asking.

which one do i choose download since im chromebook?

Download the one which applies to you.

im on chromebook which one applies to me?