What to do about my game getting dislike botted?

So, I’ve recently been promoting a game me and a friend have been working on for over a year now. We’ve been able to garner a concurrent player count of a few dozen people, but not much more than that.

The game was sitting at around a 32 players this afternoon, and while browsing my friend’s profile, I saw our game suddenly had several hundred people playing. I took this as a miracle at first, until I noticed our dislikes skyrocketing. Within a minute, the player count dropped back to around thirty or so. I took a screenshot of the player count, and you can see for yourself here what the player count is like now.

This was the screenshot I captured:

So, what should I do about this? I’ve never had this happen, as I’ve never had a game people consistently played. This is the first place I’ve gone to for answers.


I believe that you can email support@roblox.com or devrelations@roblox.com to try and get it reverted.

There are many other topics about this that I recommend you look at, you might find some other answers there.



Thanks for info! Been having lots of anxiety over this.


You could email roblox and ask for them to fix it. When games get botted ROBLOX doesn’t know who it is and they assume it’s the owner trying to get more visits (and when people see that, they’ll then play it and all of a sudden your game is #2 on the home page) and your game and possibly you could get banned.

So i do suggest that you do send them an email at support@roblox.com explain the situation and theres a very good chance, they will revert it. Hope this helps!

Edit: haha noticed i had the same idea as someone else XD


Hello, sorry for the late reply. This process was actually much shorter than I had anticipated, as many estimates on the DevForum were between 30-50 days. For me, I believe it took just under a week to be sorted, around 6 days or so. Just remember to file a support ticket & provide anything official roblox emails ask for, and the process should be quick.


Hi there, sorry for bumping up an old topic. I experienced a similar case too and sent a support ticket, gave them all the information they needed and got replied that they were looking into it. However, it’s been more than 2 months and the dislikes remained. Should I ask for a follow-up on the incident or should I just keep waiting?