What we announced at RDC 2023

yes but it effects both buyers and ugc creators from what ive read a few post that there is some ugc creators that have said that if this updates comes out then they will have to cut there team short and in which case they would end up not being able to afford making ugc items becuse they would have to re pay into the item for each stock so with the update it will end up resulting into those groups to which they would not be able to afford to continue making ugc items as a whole becuse they dont make enough revenu to be able to restock the items overall it will effect both limiteds and ugc limiteds but in reality roblox isnt loosing anything at all you as a player and you as a ugc creator are
way back then the revenu you would earn from gamepasses was 30% even for clothes it used to be 30% that you as the creator would earn the only reason they give 70% for those two items now is becuse we complained and they thought about it for a bit and they figured it would help us as creators as more of a supportive thing so as a whole i get the infit amount of stock but i feel like if they was to regulate them a bit meaning say you put a ugc item for infinit stock then they should implement a system to where you have to wait maybe a few weeks to be able to put another item to infinit there for they cant get abused


I’m just excited for Subscriptions to experiences that’s gonna be moneyyyy


Honestly right now I’m speachless. THANK YOU SO MUCH ROBLOX
No seriously, this is all absolutely wonderful and will help out creators so much!!! This is amazing!

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Finally! Lets be honest, we’ve waited for this for a while now.


I didn’t see you at RDC grrrrrr


I’d still love to know about the following:

I hope these updates to terrain and wind will include more localized controls as well. Localized wind was mentioned, but what about localized grass and water settings? What about water direction control, or even water as part material?

I’m also quite looking forward to this:

In all, I think the AI tools coming to Roblox are pretty interesting. I also hope we’ll have access to in-game language models at some point, preferably without some subscription fee like all other AI currently.

But with that said, I do hope some more core features start coming to Roblox soon. As cool as AI is, Roblox is also behind in many ways compared to other game engines. Just as a single example, why can I not scroll a normal map? I can’t even make custom water without taking extra steps. It seems that there’s a lot of things in Roblox that require hacky solutions to get working properly.

I’m really hoping that we’ll have the built-in tools and support we need to do things properly and efficiently. Where’s shaders, where’s masking, where’s a lot of basic things? I am happy that there are some long awaited updates that seem to be nearing their release, and I think that’s really good. But I do hope that a priority is put on all of these other basic things that probably should’ve been on Roblox a long time ago.

With that said, I’m excited to see these updates come to release, and to see what will come after.


Pretty cool updates.

however, PS5 has a PSVR and a PSVR2, could you please make it compatible for both or just the updated PSVR2?


I’m so grateful to see that dynamic foliage is getting some attention on this engine. Love seeing it! Is there any possibility that we’ll be seeing the ability to use custom grass blade models, which use GrassLength property as a scalar?

It would also be really interesting to see some sort of support for weight painting on terrain, which would directly affect GrassLength. Other engines support this already and I think this is the next logical step for the Roblox engine.


This is amazing!
No need for any Third-Party-Program’s for VSC and Roblox Studio, anytime soon!


This is the precise reason why we ditched Roblox colaboration tools in favour of Rojo, you loose way too much time dealing with these issues instead of developing.

If possible you should really give it a try with your team.

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I’m really excited for the assistant, since I do not have skills on Lua, I would use this, but when will the beta be released? I say it’s late 2023 or early 2024.

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You can already use it now, though you may have to enable the beta. It’s been a good while since I lasted tested it, but it only seemed to be able to write very basic scripts at the time. ChatGPT was able to write me a whole game, albeit a rather basic one.

However, I do believe that learning Lua is still essential. While I was technically able to have ChatGPT code an entire game for me, it did require me to fix things here and there. I did try to tell ChatGPT specifically what needed to be fixed, but it ended up being more work that way, so I started doing more small changes over time. I think it’s still a useful tool, especially if learning how to code and you just want to know how you might go about doing something.

TD;DR: I would still learn how to code. I’d argue it’s probably the easiest language to learn. With the right strategy, you could learn the basics in a single day, and be able to learn on your own. (Not that people should feel rushed to learn things quickly, everyone has their own learning style, but it’s possible.)


This is what I saw at first.


heads up as for the ugc thing alot of ugc creators are quitting becuse they can not afford to continue to upload and add stock to them


This is genuinely awful. Not only is this going to send the trading community into a riot but it’ll also make it harder to customize yourself as you want to. Plus, smaller UGC creators will straight up have to quit because of this as well.

This needs to get widespread. Fast.


Will we be able to make use of the DualSense controller’s features like the adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and built-in speaker? And if so will there be some kind of official support for it on other platforms or at least for Studio?

some have already said they are done they will continue to do ugc untile the update rolls out then they are done becuse we as creators the smaller ones sadly dont make enough revenu fast enough to bring in the steady stock to upload which i feel like we all need to speak up but i get robloxes side too and thats becuse infinit stock isnt able to be got irl but yeah its what they are leaning to which is stock wise

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When PS comes out will you update the console interface to look like the mobile app?

roblox slowly stops being real roblox

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Why is hydrodynamics not being discussed?

I have been waiting years for this to happen, and I am so excited that they will finally add it. That is literally the best thing they could do right now. :heart:

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