What's the best plugin to draw vines quickly?

Something like that where I could just draw a squiggly line and quickly produce a vine, it’d save a ton of time!

Some of these are old and may not work, but you could give these a try:

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Unfortunately those plugins do not work :frowning: I already tried them!

Hey, maybe you could try using the gap fill. I know it’s not commonly used on things as such, but it’s extremely helpful. You can place a part, and then leave a gap and place another, and then use the plugin and it immediately works! Try it, it’ll be speedy AND helpful! It has the ability to be customized aswell which is really cool. Here it is:

I’ve used this plenty of times, it’s safe, easy to use and really helpful!
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Currently I’m using this for the vines I made: https://www.roblox.com/library/144938633/Archimedes-Two-v2-4

I have GapFill, and Archimedes is faster than that, but in an ideal world I’d like something like this that lets me draw freehand instead of using physics: [Plugin] RopeMaster: Create Ropes Fast

From my knowledge, I don’t think anybody has made one yet, but I myself am waiting for that day when somebody makes a plugin similar to RopeMaster but with vines and other nature-themed things…

Ropemaster could easily add a feature to just freehand it from the point you left off, what a bummer! :frowning:

Would be really useful, but I don’t think vines are ropes in our case! :happy3: Anyways, if you do find something soon, please let me know!

If you want to create a greate vine and the same size you can use this Plugin so that you create a better vine

I believe there isn’t a decent plugin that draws vines straight forward from my knowledge, you can make vines or different plants with just using meshes and export them or use parts and rotate them different degrees to get a get overall approach. If you want a more natural brick look, try using a part or meshes and make it the shape that you want whether using a sized square part and more.

I’ll try experimenting into using a alternative software that’s if your wanting a more realistic look I think the best approach would be just using parts and rotating them different degrees.

Here is a question sort of related to your question: