What's wrong with the "LockFirstPerson" in StarterPlayer's properties?

There is a property called CameraMode and you have the option to either set it on Classic or LockFirstPerson.
I want LockFirstPerson but when you play test on studio, you wont be on first person.


This is a new place and there are no scripts messing with the camera
It does fix when you scroll with your mouse wheel but i wanna know why and if there is a fix for this or no. You would probably have to fix it with some script but i don’t know what.

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You need to change the CameraMaxZoom Distance to 0.5 as well in order for it to stay in first person. image


Nothing is wrong with it. The camera scripts initialise to that position when they’re loaded up. If you zoom in, you’ll notice that you can’t zoom out either. If you’re looking to force the view on start, you can also set CameraMaxZoom to the CameraMinZoom minimum (0.5) or have a look through the CameraModule.


Same issue:

Response from staff:


Well it does appear like there is no other choice because i already know that i have to change them like this to try to make it look First Person, but thanks for the reply anyways.
This just seems to be a bug