When are Mobile Video Ads getting fixed?

With it being the UK half-term, I have had an influx of people visiting my game, but alas, the increase in video ad revenue not even close to that of the summer holidays even with similar numbers of players. I am currently getting 20% of the what I would have gotten in summer.
Please don’t tell me you broke even more things in the AdService as it is the primary source of income for my game.


Just tested, ads worked for me. Do you have a repro case?

I believe he’s referring to the issue on this thread:

Not sure if that’s been resolved yet.

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Previously I was able to DevEx every month just off of ads, now I only get, like you said, 20% of what I used to get. Why can’t this be a higher level issue?

When I ran a few test mobile ads, I didn’t even get robux from them at all :confused:

You get the money 3 days after you show the ad. Also if you showed it to your main account, you won’t get anything regardless.

It has been a week now! :smiley: Also, my friend tested it for me (He used an account with no BC, and was on a tablet)