Why do people ignore my topics/posts?

Hello, I was just wondering this…

I see so many posts on the DevForum and my posts don’t get any attention.
So I was wondering, why do people ignore my posts usually?

I need help and I get lots of views and no answers.
Am I doing something wrong??

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You’re not doing something wrong from what I’m seeing I see your post it’s just lots of people do see it and sometimes people just don’t respond or like OR bookmark

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Probably because you don’t put effort into your posts and they end up being 1 or 2 sentences long. If people don’t get your problem the first time, chances are they won’t come back. Make better posts.

The better your post, the more/better your responses.

People don’t come here because they get paid, the come because they want to help. Being lazy and not putting effort into your posts isn’t great for the long time helpers on the forum

Looking at more of your threads, most of them have at least 3 - 5 replies, which probably is a lot of attention.

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This happens to everyone. Not all the time, there is an answer or solution to your topic.Viewers have the choice to choose whether or not they can help your or not. Even despite the quality of the post, an answer is not guaranteed. Edit: It also depends on the time you posted, feel free to argue with me here, but posting a topic at 12 P.M is not going to get you a lot of answers.

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Not a development discussion, this is about the forum, so I’ve moved it accordingly to Forum Feedback. Please hold discussion about the forums themselves in Forum Feedback, not Discussion.

That being said, anything goes.

  • You didn’t supply enough information (and you should read category guidelines).
  • People don’t know how to reply (and they shouldn’t post for the sake of posting).
  • People don’t want to reply or are not interested (and you should respect that).
  • People don’t see the post (which can happen if you post in a high-traffic category).

Seems like a void complaint.

If this is happening for support threads, then you should be doing more of your own work in parallel to asking the question. Don’t rely on others to do it for you. If you really feel the need to make your post more known, you can update your thread with solving progress but do not bump it blankly.

As an example of an ignored support topic I’ve posted on that I ended up resolving myself, check out Help in making an overlaying glow for a mesh. I posted the question and no one replied, but I continued to do my own work. Whenever I made a breakthrough, I posted on the thread to move it back up in hopes someone would reply while I did my own work. Eventually, no one replied, but I did my own work and figured it out.

If this is happening for other threads, then refer to point 3 in the above list.


It’s just bad luck.


that is not always true, people also ignore long topics that take time to read, I know this because it happened to me before:

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Your topic may be long, but, it is very vague. 90% of the topic just says, “it doesn’t work and I don’t know why”.

So basically this is your whole topic:

The video doesn’t make sense, considering the fact that you said tweenservice doesn’t work on the weld. But, it looks fine to me?

After further review(about 10 minutes, which most helpers on the forum take about 1 - 2 minutes, and if they don’t get it, they leave), you just had to use WeldConstraints, not Welds.

Weld Constraints does not work actually, and the topic can not be any clear than that, it’s kinda complicated.
if you want to help me with that you can reply on my topic with the solution, we don’t want to get off-topic on this one.

I do put effort into my posts.

I used to…
Cause nobody would pay attention, and fix my problem.

I usually post earlier, also there is time zones.

Also, 3-5 replies, that do not fix my problem.
I would put effort into my posts if I could actually get a solution, for them.

I’ve been looking at your posts and they seem to be filled with replies and a lot of them have been solved. Maybe you want to be more descriptive with your post and try to look elsewhere for a solution too.

yes, it think there is. 30 chars

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